Mint canary

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Felicity's p.o.v

I slowly trudged up the apartment block stairs to Dinah's house. She was late for a team arrow meeting. I finally made it. It was still early so I knocked gently on the ash grey door. "It's open!!" a muffled voice said. Opening the door, I heard a strange noise. Walking towards it I realised someone was throwing up. "Dinah!!" I exclaimed. "Are you ok?" I reached to pull her hair back and Dinah glanced up at me. "Hey Felicity. I need you to cover for me. Don't tell the boys. Please" she pleaded. As if she wanted to hide something from us, from them.

"Of course but are you ok?" I questioned. Worry crept into my voice. Did she need medical attention? Was she sick? Dinah's glistening eyes disappeared as she threw up again. This wasn't good.

"I don't know. I just woke up. And now I'm here." She stated through heavy breathing. Something was clearly not right.

"I don't care what you say, I'm calling the boys." I warned her. She needed help. Fast. Dinah didn't get sick. So this was a real freaking worry.

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