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Oliver's p.o.v

I was in the bunker sparring with dig when Felicity called. It was seven in the morning. Usually I was the one calling her at this time of the morning.

F- you need to get to Dinah's apartment NOW

O- yeah me and dig are on the way. is everything ok with her

F- no...well I don't know. she's throwing up....HARD

O- ok does she want anything. aspirin, a drink of some sort?

F- ummm one sec. I gotta leave the room to say this. ok so I have my suspicions that-

O- you want us to buy a pregnancy test. it most likely isn't that but yeah we'll get one. see you in a bit. bye

F- ok thanks a lot. bye.

"Dig we need to go. We need to go to the store quick as well." I called up to John diggle. Worry built up inside of me. What if something was really wrong with her? I grabbed my jacket and left as soon as dig was ready.

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