Mint canary

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Dinah's p.o.v

More nausea colided with me. I tipped my head back over the toilet as the Oliver and John came rushing through the door. "Dinah!! Oh my gosh." Oliver started. The plastic bag in his hand thudded on the floor as he slides into the ground next to me. He put an arm around my waist, rubbing my back. I finally finished throwing up.

I slouched up against the wall and rested my head on Oliver's shoulder. My stomach was in agony. Felicity and John were whispering to each other in the other room. Not very well might I add as I could still hear them.

I was slipping in and out of consciousness. Oliver was doing his best to keep me awake. The last thing I remember was Oliver carrying me over to my bed. My head hit the pillow and everything went dark.

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