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Diggle's p.o.v

Dinah lent her head on my shoulder. I could tell she was about to pass out. "Dinah stay with me ok. You can't go to sleep right now. Hey...hey hey.... Dinah stay awake" I prompted. Her eyes fluttered shut, I picked her up and placed her on the bed. Holding her hand until she woke up, I refused to leave Dinah's side. John and Felicity left 'work stuff' they said.

I was gazing out of her window when I heard a groan from the other direction. Dinah had woken up. "Hey sleepy head. How was your nap?" I said gently. She squinted in the sunlight and removed her hand from my grasp to hold her stomach.

"Crappy. My stomach hurts so bad." Dinah replied, turning onto her side and started to whimper. I rubbed her back and she seemed to calm down a little. Her whimpers turned into sobbs, they turned into tears and they turned into full on crying. The type of crying that racked her entire body. I couldn't do anything. I wish I could take the pain away.

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