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Dinah's p.o.v

I awoke to Oliver perching on the bed by my side. "Hey sleepy head. How was your nap?" He said softly. I could tell he was really worried. The way his eyebrows crinked was a huge giveaway.

"Crappy. My stomach hurts so bad" I replied. Pulling my hand away from Oliver's, I placed it onto my stomach. Turning onto my side, I started to whimper. My whimpers turned into sobbs, they turned into tears. Then those tears turned into full on crying. The type of crying that racked your whole body. I was in agony. My eyes scrunched up trying to suppress the tears.

He placed a hand on my back and rubbed it reassuringly. I calmed down knowing I was safe. I sat up and buried my face into his chest. He hugged me. A hug that you could never forget. A loving hug, one that showed he was there for me.

"Do you want to talk about anything. I'm here for you, you know that right?" Oliver whispered into my ear. He knew I was hiding something. Something big, and I was.

"Promise you won't tell anyone. Oliver I swear if you do I will-" I was cut off by Oliver. He kissed me. A soft kiss that told me I could tell him whatever it was. I kissed back, I showed him I loved him to. I had always liked him. But tonight was the first time I truly felt the way I wanted to feel.

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