Bubble Gum

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Melissa Wu grew up a hard life. Her sister died and Her moms a mess. So Melissa runs away.. meets new friends and becomes Bubble Gum. But sometimes all you need is love and thats all Bubble Gum wants. Love.

Action / Adventure
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Melissa lays on her bed, Scrolling through her phone. Her sister had died a few days ago and Melissa was talking evrything great. She had only cried a little today and was saving the tears for Mindi's frunuel.

"Melissa" Her mother yells from the kitchen.

"What" Melissa yells back.

Her mother didn't anwser.

Melissa gets up and walks down the stairs slowly and into the kitchen.

"Mom?" Melissa says.

Her mother is sewing.

"Mom!" Melissa yells.

"Oh hey.. Dinners over there.. Take it to your room" her mother says barely looking at her.

Melissa grabs the bowl and runs up stairs to her room.

The frunuel was tomorrow and Melissa really didn't wanna go.

She loves her sister but being there at the frunuel with her mother just didn't feel right.

Melissa grabs a bag from her closet and pulls it open. She stuffs it with important things and a knife Mindi had given her.

The last thing Mindi ever handed her.

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