The ghosters

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As Arista and Alia start to see weird messages appear around their house they have decided to set off on the journey of a life time. But they aren’t alone. Dark spirits are on the prowl and are trying to take Arista and Alia’s life to join their mother. But they have gained defense! The good pixies are helping them survive. And you may ask... will good magic beat darkness?Will the girls find out the truth about their mothers death?can their lives be spared? You will have to find out.

Action / Horror
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The start

Once 200 years ago our story begins in an old cottage.were two girls are inside having a discussion with their dad in lovely room. It was small... but very nice indeed. The walls were dressed in a lovely velvety blue colour. There was a little vase that used to be their mothers. Their mother had passed away and that was a lot of trouble because in that time women weren’t aloud to go to work and hat to stay home and teach all of the girls to sew but now tat she was gone the girls didn’t have have anyone to take care of them because their father needed to go to work. “What are we going to do daddy?”said little Anchesta. Anchesta was the younger one. She was no older than 10. “Well we will have to call your aunt”said their father in a very puzzled way. “NO!not aunt Anna bell”yelled Alia. Alia was the older one she was about 12 and a half. “Sorry girls but I have no choice.”” She’s the worst!” exclaimed Anchesta. “Father I think we should come up with some sort of nickname for Anchesta” said Alia.” Why don’t you just call me Ann?” “ Okay. WAIT! What are you doing father!”yelled Alia in surprise. “I’m calling your aunt of course.“Ann and I are going to our room.”said Alia.” What are you doing?” exlamed Ann.”well maybe there’s some way we can make sure our aunt doesn’t come”said Alia. 15 minutes had passed but nothing and that turned into 30 minutes and that turned into an hour they still had nothing Ann sighed “hhhhh were just going to have to live with it.”said Ann gloomily. Later on there aunt had arrived wonder what”s in store for them.

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