City Plunder World Crazy

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This is a world that has magic,adventure,and redemption join the blackbands on there adventure across the globe as they take on different enemies and gain new friends Created by-Jwolfy Insta @Jwolfy1025

Action / Adventure
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Unknown guy running

Unknown Guy:Dammit it wasn't suppose to go this way

Weird fella:Come out come out wherever you are

Unknown Guy:This is our last hope

He gets to his destination and hands a guy with a scar a weird lookin crystal

Scar guy:Come on over here hurry

Unknown guy:You go without me I'll hold them off

The guy throws the weird crystal to the guy with a scar as the guy with a scar is leaving you see the unknown guy dies by the hands of a crystal like being

-Present day

Our main character Sune night is getting ready for the day

Sune:I can't wait to see mom and tell her my dream(where is my band?)

-To be continued

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