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a little boy life changes for the worst he meets people both good and bad he made friends with the wrong people he found himself in a place everyone fear yet he found himself not caring at all

Action / Mystery
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I was a fool to believe that nothing bad would ever happen to me,
I was a fool to believe the world is a beautiful place.
the world changes me for the worst.
I use to have a normal and happy life but one day I was frame for something I didn't do
my family takes responsibility for what happened
everyone hates me after the news, even my parents
only one person still stay by my side after all that; my best friend, he stays no matter happened I was thankful for that
and my parents?
they were disappointed in me, they would even look at me in the eyes anymore
they didn't give a thought about me, they only care for my brother
when my brother cries, they would blame me for it
if only they know he was pretending most of the time
one time my father slap my face after seeing my brother crying in the corner of his room
his eyes widen at what he did he began saying sorry over and over again but I had it
I slap him back and ran out of the door
and like that, I abandon my family, my happy life just like that
I left my best friend too...
I meet people both bad and good, I make friends with them, I did something bad but I don't care anymore
I became emotionless, I can't feel pain anymore, I'm just numb
I'm. Just. Numb...
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