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Gang of misfits

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At five-years-old Devyn Kingston was taken from her abusive parents and brought up in another life. Raised with other 'misfits' she grew up learning how to protect herself. When the son of the gang leader takes interest in her, and she goes to her first official mission, meeting a little boy named Briar, it seems that things in her life changed, for the better or worse remains undetermined...

Action / Romance
Abby Moon
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The only thing that could be heard in the silent room was the growling of a young five-year-old girl's stomach. She hadn't been fed in nearly a day, locked in her room by her mommy and daddy well they could get high on meth.

The sun was setting, causing an orange hue to glide over the window, bleeding light into the small child's room. She pulled her stuffed bear closer to her as she heard chaos erupt downstairs. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks as she bit her cheek to remain quiet. She didn't want daddy to hit her again like last time. The bruise was still settled on her right cheek and her arm covered in a dark bruise caused by her daddy when he picked her up and threw her in her room the day before. Her back was littered with cigar marks from where they had burned her back, and a long scar was on her stomach from the knife that slid across it, the only one that she got to go to the hospital for.

Her door burst open causing a scream to erupt from her lips. A man stood in the doorway moving quickly he flicked on the light. She covered her face as the light seemed brighter. The man muttered a curse word, the child's ears not hearing it.

"Hey," he said and tucked the weapon that was in his hand away. He stretched both arms out to the sides. "I need you to come with me now," He said softly. The young girl moved back, "Jackson hurry up," A voice bellowed below. "She's in here, Give me a second," He said loudly, the girl whimpered and moved back slightly.

"I'm sorry, what's your name," He questioned. "Devyn," The girl whispered. The man nodded.

"Devyn, I'm going to get you out of here, do you want some food?" He questioned. The little girl, Devyn, stomach growled at the mention of food. Devyn nodded. The man reached out his hand for her to grab.

"Here, let's go get some," He said, his voice soothing. Devyn uncurled from her tight ball that she had thrown herself in. Still hugging her bear tightly. She grabbed his hand and he picked her up in one scoop. Two more men stood outside her room and she buried her face in the man's neck to avoid their stares at the small child.

"Go get her clothes," The man said, his voice deep. He walked carefully down the stairs to not alarm the young girl in his arms.

"Baby," The woman, Devyn's mother, yelled. Devyn's head tilted towards the woman. Devyn's mother was on her knees, her husband next to her. "Mommy," The little girl whispered. The man didn't stop, and Devyn never stopped him. Men and women surrounded the place, and the amount of people alarmed the little girl.

She was placed in the back of a black vehicle.

"She's safe, go ahead," The man said to another. He nodded and took off towards the house. Two gunshots sounded a minute later. But the girl didn't focus on that, only the bread and milk that was placed in front of her.

"Hello dear," a woman said, "My name is Elise, how does it sound to go to a different home?" She questioned, Devyn, hesitated, and looked back at her home.

"With mommy and daddy?" She questioned, her brows narrowing in confusion. "No, they won't be there anymore. They can't hurt you anymore." She said, her eyes narrowing in on the little girl's cheek.

"Mommy and daddy didn't hurt me," Devyn said, stuttering through her sentence.

"It's okay, they can't hurt you anymore." She said. A minute later the car moved off the street.

They couldn't hurt her anymore.

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