City of Night

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When Alice Winser, a wealthy mid age woman found her husband, Peter missing after a night of drinking with friends; the only hint for her of finding him, seem to lay upon her mysterious hidden past. A far away land.

Action / Romance
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The Gatekeeper

It was dark in the deep night when dawn was only few hours away. Even in a city that didn’t sleep, in the cursed hours of the night, no living souls dared to be near this particular downtown street. Immense fast moving shadow sprint through the allies, a basilisk of a beast was running for his life. With the massive body moving fast with speed, anything on its way were pulverized in the most destructive manner.

“PANG!” The large fast moving shadow shattered the glass window of a small hat shop on the side of the main street. It was too deep into the night for anyone to notice the loud collusion, and the forceful impact did not stop the moving beast from continuing its desperate bolt.

The air was hot and humid, the odor of the running beast left a strong fragrance behind, and there were only few who could recognize it to trace.

As the beast ran for at least several miles, a tall slim young man who seemed to be in his early twenties ended its course of escape.

“There is no where to run. Necta, the hell lord of the south.” The young man who dressed well and proper demanded the beast to surrender.

The sharp grinding sound of the beast was the only respond.

The well-dressed young man did not wish to associate further with the beast, the risk of failure reminded him too much pain in the past. His promise to his wife and his newborn child to return to the hostel safely kept him alerted, especially at this peril moment.

The gashing blood of the beast flooded the street reflected by the moonlight, the cadaver of an eight feet tall chimera left displayed in the middle of the empty street. A message of warning was obvious of the young slim man’s intention.

On the usual busy street of market commerce, this evening was unusually quiet. Many vendors had already closed their business early due to the deject ambience. In the maze of this market street, there was a local smudge of cheap hotel, two workers discussed over a particular room of residence at the front desk.

“Did you hear the strange sounds came from that room last night?” A cleaning maid who was much older than the other spoke with dread.

“Yes, I heard too. It sounded as some kind of roaring howl of animals. It lasted all night.” The younger maid complied of such strange occurrence.

“Is that room vacant? I can’t imagine anyone who could stay in that room.” The older maid who had worked as a genitor for many hotels all her life, she had witnessed many odd things from her years.

“I saw a couple with an infant checked in that room, a handsome man with a beautiful young blond girl; and the baby was not more than 6 months old.” The young maid happened to be around the lobby when the mysterious couple were checking in at the reception. “One other strange thing was, ever since they checked in the room, the husband had been missing. I haven’t seen him, only the young wife and the infant had came out the room from time to time.”

“Say no more, who ever stays in that room gives me the creep.” The older maid had been wised after years of experiences with strange occupants of taverns.

“Fire! Fire!” While the cleaning maids contemplated of the strange occupants of the room on the third floor, where a loud bawl of conflagration warning also came from.

Less than the time of an hour, the entire aged edifice of this tavern was swallowed by the inferno of blaze, the old wooden structure which was most inflammable caused the fast fire to burn the building in to ashes quick and efficient.

Luckily, as the authority arrived, they found no occupants of residences were injured from the hazard; only a mother and an infant could not be found, nor of their remains.

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