My fathers Assassin

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Emilia is the bastard child of drug lord and business man Edward Haze. for years she lived in fear of her fathers demon assassins. Will she survive now that one has her in his sight?

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

Assassins began long ago. Through time we have seen different versions of them and I won’t get into that. What I want to tell you about is the product of a Nazi experimentation that made them.

The demon assassins.

I will never forget the first time I saw one. His eyes were a dark red and he had black veins that’s snaked all around them.

My mother told me they made them that way so they can see better at night. They moved as fast as the wind with reflexes like nothing in this world. Vampire some called them. But they didn’t drink blood. They used guns and knives like all other assassins. They were mindless when they were in their killing frenzy.

They felt nothing and did as they were told.

Always ,did as they were told....that is until they awakened.

These were the creatures that haunted my nightmares as I laid my head down on a strange smelling pillow in yet another safe house year after year.

My story started with my mother years ago….

My mother was a newly minted police officer for the NYPD when she was chosen to go undercover. She was young, street smart and word was; she was just the type of girl Edward Haze liked.

Edward Haze was the guy the German mafia was training to take over.

There was word on the streets that the German mafia families were about to drop a new drug on the streets. It was said the drug could make someone strong, fast alongside a high unlike any other.

My mother posed as an agent for a big time buyer. They met, my mom said he was charming, attentive smart, funny and very married.

My mother took the orders she was given and she started a relationship with him. 2 months in my mother was nowhere close to cracking the case. Besides that she said the lines were beginning to blur. She begged her sergeant to call her back. Especially since they were nowhere close to cracking the case and the drugs were already on the street. She said she stopped begging when she found out she was pregnant.

She was at Edwards’s apartment one night when she first saw him. He was waiting in bedroom. She said in all her 27 years she had never feared another human like she did then. She said he had red eyes. Edward haze walked in behind her.

“Ahh Vince, just the man I was hoping to see. Is it done?” He asked the red eyed man.

“Yes, sir it is. One boy made it.” The man said emotionless-ly.

“How unfortunate I’d hoped for more. Thank you for the update. Your next targets information is in the file.” Edward said dismissing the man.

My mom said Edward behaved like nothing had happened. Then later that night as he held her, she finally confronted him.

She said he told her that Vince was a demon Assassin that the drugs they sold were a knock- off of the serum they used to create the assassins.

“Why show him to me now?” She asked him.

He laughed. “Well officer, I didn’t want you getting any ideas about running away with my child.”

My mom said she froze as fear and adrenaline pumped through her.

Despite the threat she knew she had to get out. Soon, while he expected her to be too frightened to go.

That is how my life started on the run.

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