The perfect chase

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Chapter one : Mold the mind

While growing up I can honestly say that I had the perfect life. That loving family that you see in all the movies you loved to watch . Those friendships where it’s endless smiles and funny jokes to keep the mood alive. Every trip you could dream of going on, I went on.

So what brought me to to the story I’m about to tell you? Why did I take certain paths that brought me to the darkest memories of my life? At what point did I realized I went to far?

As you read this story , you will discover all of these answers . Some people will read this and relate to it... some people will read this and question their current situation... for all I know, someone will read this story and stop themselves from making the same mistakes I made.

To tell you that this entire lapse of time wasn’t an eye opener, I’d be lying to you. I learned more about myself over the last 5 years than I have over my 30 years of living.

20% of my decisions I made during this time frame were based on the soul factor that I have a spontaneous personality. 80% of the decisions were based on the fact that I have an addictive personality. I wasn’t addicted to drugs, I wasn’t addicted to sex, I wasn’t addicted to alcohol. I was addicted to money ... the even sadder part was, I think I might have been more addicted to chasing the money

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