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And then there was quarantine

And then there was Wilson -

What’s going on people?

I get it. This virus is the main attraction . It’s all over the media, it’s taking over everyone’s life and we’ll being. At this point I’ve walked out of my car, got half way to the store, padded my pockets... realized I forgot my mask and screamed “fuck!” While turning around to go grab the thing so I can go inside and get a fucking water.

This situation is draining all of us as humans. Oh... I’m depressed... I really wish I could go to the gym to let off some steam. Hmmm, I guess I can’t.. I need to stay inside, pop on Netflix and watch the same drama over and over again . Oh, I wanna hang out with friends... I guess I can’t cause I’ll be judged unless we are all masked up and 6 feet apart.

This is a virus people, you need to protect your world as much as you can, but ruining everyone’s businesses and life shouldn’t be a thing.

Suicide rate and domestic violence rates are up thru the roof . Maybe we can focus less on creating new problems and being cunts... maybe focus more of creating solutions.

- And then there was RONA!

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