The Allure of Darkness

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"Never underestimate the allure of darkness, even the purest hearts are drawn to it." She said boring her dark brown eyes into my green ones. I found it hard to look away from her. What once started as just a teenager who's father was murdered right in front if him, turned to a man in his late twenties running the highest gang in the world. All the betrayal got to Ashton Goint's head. He has lied millions of times. He didn't realize how it felt to get lied to repeatedly. So he turned to last person he thought he could trust;the darkness. Until, he realized I was still here. I am Hazel Matzer, soon to be Goint. Ashton Goint and I are getting married. We are only marrying to merge his gang Maroon Spades and mine; Black Spades. Together as equals, we rule the most powerful gang in the country. Who knew marriage would lead to so many problems?

Action / Drama
Nona Bryant
Age Rating:

Chapter 1] Engagement party

"I'm not going to your stupid engagement party, Hazel." Ava said propping her feet up on the coffee table. I sighed and walked in front of her.

"Listen to me, Ava. You are coming to the party. It's what Ashton wants." I said trying to convince her. She rolled her eyes and looked up at me agitated.

"Fine. But, I won't have fun." She said sighing. I smiled and squealed. "Thank you, Ava. I'll tell Ashton the good news."

I grinned as I walked to my fiancee's work-study. I opened the door and he didn't look up or even seem fazed. He continued to type on his laptop.

"So Ashton, I have good news. Ava finally decided to join the engagement party." I said gleefully.

"That's great." He said still typing. I frowned a little. Ashton is constantly working. I know he has to keep working. We decided that since our gang is merging, we need to up our business. So, we are in the business of gun trafficking, human trafficking, and drug trafficking. Also since we merged our gang, we chose another name. We haven't told anyone yet. We are revealing it on the wedding day.

It's been a month since we decided to merge our gangs. Blood Gates have been quiet. We were meant to meet them last week, but they didn't come. Ashton is scared out of his mind. He doesn't show it, but I can tell he is.

I sighed and left his study. I cleared my throat and walked to the kitchen. Asher looked like he was doing some serious hacking on his computer.

"Hey, Asher. What are you doing?" I sat beside him. He smiled at me. "I am looking for your engagement dress." He said with a bright smile.

"Aw. Thank you. What are your options?" I asked looking at the laptop curiously. He looked back at the laptop and started to type weird stuff I couldn't comprehend. Then again, I was never a hacker. I was a negotiator before the people took the real Hazel and forced me to replace her.

"Here we go." He said proudly. There were different types of maroon and black formal dresses.

"I like this one," I said pointing at the black and maroon lace mermaid dress with long black and maroon designs on the bottom. It had a slit that went dangerously high up on the leg.

"I like it too. What about this one?" He pointed at a dark maroon cutout tie lace ruched lace slip dress.

"Wow! How did I not see that?" I said gawking at the dress.

"I designed that one. Lilit designed the one you pointed out." Asher said proudly. I smiled at him. I looked back at the computer and my jaw dropped.

"Look! It's a mixture of both!" I said surprised. It was a cutout lace long bodycon dress with rhinestones go along the waste. It had a cape too, although it was maroon with black designs.

"Perfect." Asher said and started to type. "Thanks, Asher." I said standing up. He gave me a smile and I walked away.

I looked down at my hand and gawked at my ring. It was a huge ruby in the center with black designs circling it. You have to have a really keen eye for detail to make this. If you look close enough inside the blood-red ruby, you can see a black ace. The ring looked like it was fit for a dark queen. It was amazing.

I sighed and continued to walk. Alex came out of her room and beamed at me. I've gotten close to them over time. They all accepted me as a leader. Except for Ava, she was still cold to me. She didn't insult me every time she saw me like she used to. She still hated me though.

"Hey, Alex! How's the piano business?" I said hugging her tightly. "It's good. Aurora is handling it because I am to busy with the gang. I have to go to the auction today with Royalty." She said sadly.

"I promise after Ashton and I marry, you can go help her." I said smiling at her. She nodded and walked past me. I didn't notice her rolling her eyes.

I kept walking to Ashton's study. I know he doesn't like it when I interrupt his work more than once. He'll be fine.

I opened the door and he rolled his eyes. "What?" He said annoyed.

"I'm bored." I said sitting in the seat in front of his desk. He spared me glance when I put my feet on his desk, propping my heels up.

"What do you want, Hazel?" He asked continuing to type.

"I told you, I'm bored."

"Go bother someone else. I'm busy." He said annoyed.

"Why? You're always busy." I whined. He stopped typing and looked at me.

"You are the leader of the second-highest gang in the country. Go do a gun shipment." He said annoyed.

I groaned and stood up. I heard him continue to type. I rolled my eyes and went down to the garage. Some of our people we're loading the van with crates full of guns.

I sighed and got in the passenger seat and waited for them to finish. "Hello, Ms. Goint." One of them said getting in the van.

"Hey, guys. Where is this shipment going?" I said propping my feet up.

"We are going to the Trousdale." Nile said starting the van.

"Oh! Great, my sister lives there." I lied. It's not my sister. It's the real Hazel's sister. All of my family are dead.

"Cool. I haven't seen her in a while." Nile said. The other two men sat in the back as the Nile drove us.

After about two hours, we made it. We got out of the van. We were in this huge garage of a mansion. There weren't any cars and it was very spacious.

We heard the noise of a car pull in the driveway. The sound just screamed rich. A silver Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita came in view. Our jaws dropped when we saw it. Me and Ashton have about a hundred expensive sports cars, except that one. There are only two in the world and this is the most expensive car in the world.

A man came out wearing wealthy attire. One of my guys opened the trunk to the van. The man walked up to me smirking. "Hello... Axel." I said smirking.

"It's been a while...Hazel." He said, his smirk growing. I smiled and hugged him.

"It has been." I said breaking our hug.

"I heard you were planning on merging on with Maroon Spades. Where is Ashton?" He said curiously.

"He is to busy working." I groaned causing him to chuckle. "When's the wedding?" He enquired. My people have transferred the guns to another van that came in with Axel.

"In a month. You are invited, friend." I said. He smiled and looked at his gang van behind him.

"I will be there." He said looking back at me. I smiled and hugged him again. Axel was an old friend. His gang and my gang got in business together. A couple of years ago, he helped me destroy this other gang that challenged mine. We had a lot of fun murdering them.

"You can also come to our engagement party tomorrow. It starts at 7:30." I said smiling.

"I'll see if I have time." He said. With one last look, we went back to our cars and drove away. His people already gave us the money while I was talking with Axel.

We drove back home and got out of the van. I walked back to Ashton's study just to piss him off.

"Hey, Ashton! Guess who saw it?" I said gleefully and sat upon his desk. I crossed my leg over the other and smiled at him.

He rolled his eyes and looked up at me. "I'm at my tipping point, Hazel." He said. It was basically him telling me to leave him alone.

"I saw Axel. My old friend."

"The one that helped you destroy the Lurts. What is he doing in LA?" Ashton asked leaning back on his chair.

"I don't know. But, I invited him to our engagement party and wedding." I said. His face hardened and his jaw clenched.

"Why?" He asked aggressively.

"We need his gang as an ally, Ashton. We have East Kings and Venom V'Crow, and Caspian's gang, but we need more." I said jumping off his desk and facing him. Venom V'Crow is a gang I'm fond of. The leader is Andrea, me, and she went to high school together. But she dropped out to be with her boyfriend. I heard about her starting a gang in Canada. We are planning on selling her guns in a couple of days.

"We don't need them." He said rolling his eyes.

"Yes, we do. Don't be prideful. If Blood Gates come out of hiding and attack we'll need them." I said in a warning tone.

He rolled his eyes and continued to type. I rolled mine and left his study. He can be so annoying.

I kept walking until I saw Alen come through the front door. Alen doesn't like me too much anymore. I think it's because of Ava.

"Hey, Alen. What are you doing here?" I enquired walking up to him.

"Where's Ava?" He asked coldly.

"Living room," I said. He walked past me and went to her. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

The next day...

When I woke up, I saw Ashton laying next to me. When he's sleep, he doesn't look as ruthless as he really is. He looks innocent. But we know he can snap at any moment.

I smiled and sat up. I hit the snooze button and shook Ashton. "Get up. The engagement party is today." I said grabbing my satin robe.

He groaned and woke up. I stood and went to my bathroom. I showered and put my robe back on.

Ashton was sitting up on the bed typing something on the laptop. I won't even question what.

I walked to my closet and searched for something to wear before the party. Asher is going to bring my dress in another couple of hours. The ballroom should be set up.

I put on a black ruched tube dress with the gang jacket. I slipped on my black cutout heel boots and went back to Ashton.

"Get up!" I yelled. He continued to type unfazed. I rolled my eyes and snatched the laptop from him.

He growled and gave me a look that would make someone want to commit suicide just to avoid seeing that look ever again.

I glared back at him. "Go, Ashton." I said in a warning tone. He rolled his eyes and got up. I smiled and sat the laptop back down. I left the room and went to the ballroom.

All my maids were still working on the ballroom. "Ms. Goint?" One of my assistants said. Fear leaking from her words.

My head snapped to her and I kept my expression blank. "Yes, Ms. Flort?" I said.

"W-which one do you prefer?" She stuttered out. I looked down at her hands. She was holding to pieces of fabric.

One was black with maroon rhinestones scintillating. The other had maroon designs covering half and black under it.

"This one." I said pointing at the second one. She nodded and went back. I continued to walk around.

They started to get nervous as I intently watched them. But, I don't nearly intimidate them as much as Ashton. I mean, we all watched him shoot one of the maids in the head because she gave her opinion.

Laughing at the thought, I continue to walk overlooking at all of the maroon, black and red decorations.

I sigh and went to find Asher about the dress. He was sitting with Ava and Alen on the couch. They both glared at me.

I ignored them and sat beside Asher. "How's the dress coming along?" I asked.

"Lilit is almost done making it. She said she needs about two hours." I nodded and sighed heavily.

Asher looked at me concerned. "What's wrong, Hazel?" He asked.

"It's nothing," I said not looking at him. He sat his laptop on the coffee table and turned to me fully.

"It's nothing, Hazel." He said more concerned. I noticed Alen and Ava giving us knowing looks. I gave him a reassuring smile.

"I'm fine, Asher. Thank you." I said standing up and patting his shoulder. I walked out of the room and smiled when I saw Royalty flirting with one of the maids.

"Run, Aubrey. Royalty will ruin you." I said in a warning tone. Royalty rolled her eyes when the maid left.

"What is it with you and Ashton doing that? You two are made for each other." She said jokingly.

I snickered and opened the fridge. "Do you have a dress for the party?" I asked.

"Yeah." She answered.

"How was the human auction?" I asked taking out a smoothie.

"It went well. We made a lot of money from it." Royalty answered. I sighed. The human auctions always made me feel weird and guilty. I've seen movies with women being kidnapped and sold. But, it's gang business. We have to.

I drank the smoothie while walking back to my room. I swear if Ashton is still there I will yell at him. I opened the door and sighed in relief when he wasn't there. I went to his study to check upon him.

"Ashton!" I said overly happy. He rolled his eyes, I didn't miss the small smile on his face. It was clear he was happy to see me. "Hey, Ashton." I said laying on his desk, I bent my knees and smiled at him. He was surprised but got over it.

"What, Hazel?" He asked amused.

"Do you have your suit ready?" I asked. He nodded. "Good. Come on. We have an hour to get ready." I said sitting up. I jumped off his desk and walked to the door.

He joined me in our room. Our outfits already laid on our bed. "Look, we match!" I said pointing at his suit.

"We are equals. Well... soon to be." He said shrugging. I like the thought of us being equals. It was comfortable. Knowing that when we marry, we'll pass Blood Gates as the top gang in the country.

"Hazel?" Aston said concerned.

I looked up at him. "Yes?"

"Are you ok? You disappeared for a minute." He said worriedly.

I gave him a small smile. "I'm fine." I picked up my dress and went to the bathroom. I showered and washed my hair. I came out and put on my robe. I did my hair and makeup, putting a lot of attention on my eye shadow.

When I finished, I put on my dress and zipped it up. I admired the rhinestones on my waist. I left and saw Ashton tightening his black tie.

I walked over and helped him. "What time will Axel be here?" Ashton said looking down at me.

I kept my eyes on the tie. "I don't know. What time is it?" We looked at the clock behind me. It read 7:26.

"He should be here in a couple of minutes. As will the others." I said dusting his dusted his chest and took his hand.

We walked hand in hand to the ballroom.

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