The knight of the heart of fire

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The love can be there minus wait, But can make someone fight to reverse one option sexual to he no love the knight know and love of your life.

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- man, i'm in a creative block, i'm gonna try to do something, i know, i'm gonna use that i'm horny and i'm gonna write a gay porn story and i'm gonna read some of it so i can get inspiration. said a man in a hoodie in his home library.

oh my friend, i woke up in the morning at my house, i was wearing pajamas when i saw that sexual image passing by that i could not believe, he was with that thing only from the outside and did not realize that he was naked, came down the street and came over the city bridge more slowly than usual, it looked like he was trying to show me the goose that he had with him and that made me warm inside.

the day was already giving me something to talk to that man passing naked in the city and I groaned inside because I wanted to sit on the goose and put him to swim in me that would make me a lake and I would insist on drowning that goose in my water.

- My God what's this? asked my mother.

- it's paradise passing by mom. told her.

- what is that? what a paradise business, perverted. said my mother.

what she didn't know was that paradise was the name of Jess's horse, not that goose he had very loose. then someone asked me from the gate:

- the loose goose? it looks like the goose is loose. said Joana.

- yes, loose goose, very loose. told her.

I realized that the loose goose of jess was very loose and I wishing for that loose goose that I could even see the beak of the goose and I pretended to obey my mother and I went to the back of the house and hid in the middle of the bush, trying to finish in my hand with that desire I was feeling and I started to end up seeing that naked man with the goose's head out dripping his transparent liquid.

so at that moment, my white liquid went down like milk in a cup, but in fact it was on the floor because I couldn't stand that the man was still naked passing me and something terrible is still going to happen.

Suddenly a high speed hillux silver truck approached and tried to dodge the rider who was naked and woke up on the horse, nobody knew why he was naked if it was because of me or it was some trap.

when he looked at the body he saw that it was naked and only heard from a distance:

- There! it was just noise and nothing more. then the man jumped out of paradise and soon returned from the middle of the scrub already dressed, picked me up on the floor and took me to the hospital.

he was riding slowly so as not to cause me to fall into a coma more than I already was.

- I am to blame my love, if it weren't for this shit they did to me, you were still alive with me. he said in my ear. the knight cried when he realized that he had passed his hand over my parts and realized that he was wet and knew then that he had made me get excited with him and for him if anyone got excited about him it was because he was in love with him.

so he arrived with me at the hospital and the fair-haired nurses in those uniforms took me inside and I went straight to the operating room and nobody in town knew who was injured and jess insisted on staying by my side.

- honey, why don't you go home? he will be in our care. asked the nurse.

- no sir, i will not leave here, i will not move a straw from here, i will stay here because i love him and had to do with this accident, but i love him and he is the love of my life. cried desperately jess.

jess had not realized that with despair he had claimed that Keith was his great love and that he was the one he wanted in his life.

the days passed when he looked out the window at that visiting time and saw that Keith was waking up and already eating during lunch and jess entered the room and went to him.

- I'm glad you're awake, I missed you a lot. said jess.

- you don't have to say anything my love, I already know everything. said Keith.

- of everything? what you mean? asked jess.

- how you feel about me, i know you love me. Keith said to him.

- how do you know? did someone tell you? asked jess.

- no, i was in the corridor in spirit when you said you weren't leaving because you love me. said Keith. - yes my love, i really want to live by your side, i feel that we were made for each other. said jess - stay with me Keith. so Keith didn't answer anything, just lifted his shirt and hugged his buds and jess cried because he really wanted to spend his life beside him.

on that next day then on horseback, jess rode Keith and was taking him home and when they got close to where the accident was, jess was surprised by a touch from Keith and got him out of there and asked him:

- will we consummate our love? asked jess.

- i really want jess, let's go into this bush, break me in my love and put this milk of yours on me. Keith said to Jess.

so we went in the middle of that thicket and went down to where a mango tree was, where he laid me on the ground and I felt his touch soft and nervous, I lifted my legs and he then looked into my eyes and led me in that dance where I felt my muscles hurt initially and after that I started looking into his brown eyes and his wide, thin mouth and his white smile and his short, Caucasian body with his curly, short cut hair that was nervous and full of buds that was lathering my back and I finally felt when then he released his clean air and I wondered what he was doing and I felt that he opened that beautiful mouth and poured his soap at the end of the tunnel that cleaned me inside.

- oh my love, i know i'm here with you that was always where i wanted to be, i want to stay like this forever. said jess.

- that delicious body of yours and those buds grating on my back, I love to feel your goose drowning inside me, oh as I always dreamed of being with you here Jess. told him.

- but can I propose something you might like? asked jess.

- Yes you can. told him.

- we go to the wedding veil and I will take Ethan my brother and Taran there and we will make a beautiful dog, and we will make a pact. said jess.

then he got up from me, already sweaty and very excited after jumping in that stream with me and I knew he really loved me.

Then we left when I felt his thin, wide lips warm and his tongue delineated inside my mouth and I gathered inside him and felt how I had won all day being the gift of a stallion who had cried for me inside that hospital, my blood was boiling and I finally left his kisses and he put me on his horse and we slowly went back to my house when I arrived then he came down and my mother hugged me.

- my son, how I missed him, said my mother.

- I also my mother, but I didn't run away, I was in hospital after the accident. I told her.

- You mean it was you in that hit-and-run? It was you? My son, forgive me. Mom said.

- You don't ask for forgiveness, Mom, if it wasn't for that accident, I wouldn't have known the love of my life. I said fixing Jess' hair.

My mother smiled and I realized she already knew he loved me before I went to that hospital for the accident.

Then he pulled me close to him and gave me a light press on my buttocks and my mother smiled when she saw our burning kiss and I had that thought: "how beautiful this couple, I'm going to get myself a husband". but I was wrong, her thought was that "she thinks she's my dear ones, because it's yours, you don't even know the reason for that accident" I looked then to see my beautiful jess going away and she took me inside the house and laid me on my bed.

jess went down the dirt road and felt that something was about to happen and decided to go back to Keith's house to see what was happening when Taran ran into him:

- I think you better not go back there, bro, it's their business, Taran said.

- Taran, what do you want from me? asked jess.

- I want you not to suffer, his mother's plan is a different one and you don't get into this story, Taran said.

Then he went down the road and crying he knew he had to do something and because he couldn't go there and the reason could be Margaret's plan.

Then when I woke up in the morning I was tied up and soon I saw a girl coming into my room and I realized that it was a plan for me to make that girl woman and give up jess, but nothing would get him out of my mind and I was about to lose my clothes and she sat on me, so I said:

- untie me so I can put the condom on my good. I told her.

she then untied my hands and i soon jumped out the window and without realizing it i saw that i was in paradise and it was ethan who was there and we rode out to jess's house and soon i went into his room and climbed up on him and made love and he made me feel the sweat of his body and soon he pressed me on the bed and made me get to orgasm much earlier than before and i begged him.

- Let's get out of here, she wants to make me a man and not like a man. I told him.

- Yeah, come on, Ethan get paradise and pervert ready and let's get out of here. I told Ethan.

So we went up in paradise and the pervert and we left there and took Taran away together where no one could find them.

so we got to a place where we'd spend the night because it wouldn't go on for the night.

- Taran, give me your phone. I said jess.

Then Taran handed over the phone and jess stepped on it.

- Why did you do that, animal? Taran asked.

- Because your secret might come to an end, either you make love to me or I'll tell everyone that you helped my mother keep me locked up in that house, do you want me to tell the police that? I asked him.

then that night, jess and ethan and taran soon didn't see the point and were delighted with the cold night and my body in that camp.

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