The Tales of the Phantom God

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Chapter=1: Cursed

It was a cold day when my race was being wiped out by the Human race. It was brutal. None of the humans showed us mercy. The children and women were captured alive while the men were brutally killed. I, also, was captured by them. I was a kid back then. There’s nothing I can do. My mother was raped in front of me and sold to a disgusting fat noble. My father... well, you know what happened to him.

2 weeks after the attack, I was sold to a noble family. Their house name is Andillet. At first, they look very nice. But, right after they brought me to their house, they immediately lock me up in their underground prison. They also will torture me every day. I was dying back then. Without anything to eat and drink, I almost gave up my life. But, little did I know that they have a daughter. She’s the one who saved me when I was about to die.

She helped me by giving food to me every day without her parents knowing about it. But, the pitcher goes so often to the well that it is broken at last. One of her maids saw her went to the underground prison. Furious, her parents immediately punish by torturing her.

For a year, they continue to torture us without mercy. Their method was very inhumane. I cannot forget how they tortured their daughter. Then, one day, I manage to run away from the noble. Of course, I also brought their daughter with me. But, it almost cost us our lives. We ran away until we arrived at a forest. I thought she and I were saved back then. But, damn the gods. She was cursed by her own parents. It's only a matter of time before she dies.

I then cried. Why? Well, all of this happened because of me. That's what I thought back then. I tried everything I could so that I can save her. But, all of my efforts have gone to waste. She couldn't survive the curse. Before she draws her last breath, she said something that I will never forget. "Mephisto, I'm sorry that I make you sad. But, you promise me this, that you will live a happy and beautiful life, okay?" I immediately nod when I hear her say that. "And... sorry, for not telling you that... I love you..." right after that, she drew her last breath. I was dumbfounded after she said that. Slowly, I said to her "I love you too, Phya. I'll try to live a happy life as you want. So, don't worry, and rest in peace up there."

For years, I try to live a normal life as she wanted. But, it is just impossible. Backstabbed, being cheated on, betrayed - my life was horrible back then. Then finally, I had enough of this world. I broke the Gods' rules and become an Immortal. I went on searching for a powerful power and found Izanagi - powerful dark energy that can corrupt everyone's mind. Well, you can guess what happens next, right? Then, I went back to my house - not home - and register myself as an adventurer.


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