My mafia Saviour

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WARNING! Contains notices of rape, a sex ring and the girls are seen as sex slaves. The characters are purely what I've created but I will use some real places. You have been warned! Abused and raped, Amelia has had a rough start in life. Born in a sex ring she has seen many horrors. Saved by gun wielding men in suites, can her life turn back around or will her saviour unknowingly cause her more pain?

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1: The Pain

Pain. That's the only thing we're allowed to fell here. No happiness, sadness, not even screams from the pleasure or the pain (We don't even know what is pleasure or what is pain) We have to keep it all inside, locked away.

Some of the others may die here but I'd rather death than continue living in this hell. I, like some of the other unfortunate women, was born here. This is the place I call home *Shudder*(Ugh), I hate this place.
I think we all do, at least they keep us in age groups so we never get lonely. That's the only thing they do right for us, in terms of food and water- It's rationed so we get one 'meal' and one 'drink' a day. The air quotes are because the meal is like a breakfast bar and the water me as well be like one drop of rain water.
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