Claiming Their Warrior

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Eiji and Jiro have been in a secret relationship for over 20 years. The woman they loved and shared died years ago and they put all their effort into the Yakuza and each other. On the rare occasion they would sleep with women separately but never found one they both wanted. There life is about to take a big turn and the fire of sharing a woman has been lit. These two men play for keeps and the red headed, steel grey eyed woman has had them both wanting something they thought the would never have again. They don't just want her body they want her heart and they will do what it takes to claim it even kill because being Yakuza death is nothing new to them it's in their blood. She is theirs to love amd protect and that makes her part of the Yakuza family. Hope she can handle it all. Ameelia's life changed in a split second. The life she built for herself was ripped from her yet she wouldn't change a thing because she needs her revenge. Family comes before anything. With men she trained with trying to kill her she does what she does best she fights to survive. When two men put themselves right in the middle of her life she realises fighting to stay alive is easy. It's keeping her heart safe after it has been ripped to pieces thats hard. Can she trust these to men with her heart like she does with her life? And can she really have them both happy?

Action / Erotica
Mafia Crazy
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Funeral Shock

Eiji pov

It been a long six months since we won the war against the Mexicans and shut them down for good. We lost a lot of men that day, Yakuza and French Mafia. A lot of families lost a father, a brother, a son or a uncle. We held funerals both in Japan and France and I was hoping I would not have to attend another for a long time but that hope was shot out the window a few days ago when we got a call from Mark telling us someone very close to him was killed in a bar fight and it just so happened to be the same guy who fought along side us and saved my brother Akito's life. He was also Mark's half brother, this was one funeral none of us would miss. We loaded on the jet the same day and that was three days ago. Now here we stand around his coffin waiting for everyone to finish arriving as the service is due to start in five minutes. The funeral is being held in America as that is where he was born and lived. Mark is out for blood and I really don't blame him, Kelly and Sloane well I've never seen them so broken. Kelly has not spoken a word in days not even to Sloane and I know once they find who did this the fucker will suffer badly.

"Did you manage to get hold of her?" Sloane asked Mark as she walked up to us.

"No, her phone has been off for the last few days" he replied no emotion in his voice.

"She must be busy with work. The message might not have reached her" she replied linking her arm with his and resting her head on his shoulder as they both look at the coffin.

"Who can't you get hold of?" I asked curious.

"My sister" Mark replied not looking at me and i'm shocked not only did I not know he had a half brother but he has a sister to. I wonder if there are more family members we don't know about.

"I didn't know you had a sister. Where does she work?" I ask trying to get more information on his family while trying to give him something else to focus on if only for a few minutes.

"She is the last of my siblings, she's 36 and works for the American government her job takes her over seas a lot so it's hard to get hold of her sometimes. I would hate to be the person who has to tell her what happened and that she missed the funeral" he mumbled.

"She would be here if she could be Uncle Mark" Sloane said. I've noticed that it looks like everyone who is coming is here and the priest is ready to start the service. Just as he was about to open his mouth we herd car engine's. All our heads turned in the direction because this was the only funeral happening right now. My hand automatically went to my gun in the back of my waist band as did Jiro's and everyone else's who was carrying. Three black SUV's pulled up 30 feet from where we where and the doors opened on the car at the front and back but not the middle one. Five armed men stepped out of the two cars all wearing military uniforms and walked to the middle car blocking our view.

"Mark, do you know who they are?" I asked him.

"No but I don't have a good feeling about this" he replied as we herd the doors of the middle car open but still couldn't see anything. Shortly after the doors close they all start walking toward us yet still not giving away who got out of the car.

"What the fuck" Mark gritted out as the armed men separated revealing a fucking beautiful red headed woman dressed in full black military uniform and when I looked at her properly my anger boiled inside me, she was covered in bruises and cuts on her face and arms and she was fucking handcuffed.

"Ameelia" Sloane gasped making the woman's head whip around in our direction with the sexiest most satisfied smirk on her face.

"Why the fuck is my sister fucking handcuffed?" Mark bellowed and I can feel the anger rolling off him as a man who looked to be in his mid 30's jogged over to us.

"Mark" the guy said as he reached us.

"Is it just me or is Mark's sister fucking hot" Jiro whispered beside me.

"Shut up, now is not the time but yes she is" I whispered back.

"Dean what the hell is going on?" Mark asked.

"I will fill you in later. All I can say for now is do not let her make things worse she is like a fucking grenade ready to go off" Dean replied looking worried.

"Why is she cuffed and beaten?" I asked.

"Like I said I will fill Mark in after the funeral" he said looking at me as if to say who the fuck are you and I have to stop myself from gripping him by the neck and demanding answers as I remember where I am.

"As soon as we are done here you will tell me everything" Mark snapped and Dean nodded and walked back over to Ameelia hitting at least four of the men's shoulders on the way. The priest starts the service but i'm not paying much attention as my eyes are on the red headed goddess. She is at least 5 feet 11 inches, long legs, body toned in all the right places from all the working out i'm guessing she does, her breasts are D's for sure held perfectly in her black vest top. Her lips are full with a cut on the bottom lip, her nose is bruised but not broken. From what I can see, her face, arms and neck are covered in cuts and bruises but I can tell she will be beautiful when they clear up. Her long red heir is a deep red and I mean red, I wonder if its natural and her eyes fuck they are the most stunning steel grey I have ever seen and they are locked with mine. I can feel a pull towards her but it's not just a protective one fuck no, my cock is hard as fuck and the desire I have for this woman is racing through my entire body as I see the desire fill her eyes. Her eyes slip from mine and the desire in hers doubles as she looks at Jiro who is stood right next to me.

"Well this will be interesting" I mutter to myself as I smile fills my face watching her eyes flick between the both of us.

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