Sunny's not so sunny life

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Sunny is a 18 year old girl with an acholic dad and a depressed mom when one day Sunny's mom abandons sunny,sunny heads to college and falls in love with an intern at her therapists office

Action / Romance
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Chapter one

BANG,CRACK another bottle thrown to the ground just like her mom's heart sunny felt bad and hopeless her dad was constantly in fights but he was the breadwinner so Sunny's mom stayed with him and everyday they fought and every day sunny pushed herself into a darker depression she hated the thought of love how stupid it seemed one works to love the other only to have there heart broke in the end one way or another, BANG, sunny knew that this wasn't a bottle or plate "AGHH are you psyco"said Sunny's mom sunny ran down the steps to see a bruise on her mom's left cheek and blood dripping out of her nose "what happened"sunny said "your father punche-"Sunny's father interrupted and said "oh shut up your fine look your mother is stupid and complained so I set her straight" her father siad"this isn't right you need to stop!!!" Said sunny "go to your room your a dumb kid who k owe no better if you keep complaining you'll end up like your mother " sunny ran back upstairs and cried it felt like ecud rain pouring down her cheeks she sobbed knowing this was bad she crowns every night no one noticed her parents wouldn't let her get a dorm so she was stuck

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