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When everyone is fated to repeat their ancestor’s story from the tales of the Grimm brothers, but when this group of teens breakthrough they’re fate, they find themselves at a school that could change everyone’s fate. While the children of the Grimm brothers want everything to repeat, when they hear the news of these teens breaking their fate, they will do anything to erase them and stop them from changing their world. Fighting for their freedom and lives, will they succeed in defeating the children of Grimm or will they fall and let everyone repeat their fates?

Action / Adventure
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The Beginning

Long ago, there were two brothers of Grimm. They created stories with dark and deep meaning, of children who may meet death, or of bloody sacrifices. Eventually, their children took over the world of stories. Making everyone else’s stories repeat in time. All the children of the fairy tale characters repeat they’re ancestor’s story, over and over again with every generation. However, there are some who break through the cycle and forge their own path. This is their story.

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