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Isabella Randolph works for the New York Police Department. She witnessed her father's death and later got revenge. After that Sharif Jones found her and took her in. She is now the best cop they have ever had and she plans for it to stay that way, But things get complicated when she gets assigned a new case to go undercover, and one of them starts catching feelings. Jacob Evans is an intelligent gang leader who is fearless, cold, and selfish. He cares for no one, but there is a reason he is this way. When these two meet, will they kill each other or fall in love? Or will the love of their work force them to ignore their feelings? WARNING This story contains mature themes including strong language, violence, and detailed sexual content.

Action / Romance
Sassy Wolfer
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The Chase

Ever been in a chase? Ever chased after someone with so much determination it almost gets you killed? Or perhaps you were the one they were after. Either way, a chase is a chase, and both have the same result. One ends up caught, and the other ends up deceived.


“Agent Randolph, what is your position?” Sheriff Jones asks through my earpiece.

“Loop 27 East Bound,” I quickly respond through my earpiece when the sudden sounds of gunshots echo and hit the road beneath my bike.

“Dammit!” I shouted as I swerved, attempting to avoid the fire.

“What’s going on? Agent Randolph! Talk to me!”

“Target is in sight, but he contacted some friends, and they’re shooting at me,” I responded directly. More bullets began to fire, and I knew I needed to find a way to restrain my target and not get taken down first.

“We’re sending back up,”

“NO! I got this. I’ll text you where to go once I got him.” I cut the call, taking the earpiece out and tossing it on the road, eliminating the distraction of my boss’s voice. I have always completed my missions, and I have always done so alone.

Once the shooting had ceased, I knew it was only a matter of time before they were locked and loaded again. I slowed my riding, making me between the two bikes that once were behind me and firing. I then pulled out my gun and shot them both in the shoulder, causing them to split to the shoulder of the road and crash. I mentally smiled to myself and returned to my accelerating speed. When the target took a sharp turn, I knew where he was heading, his safe house. Luckily, I know a shortcut. He took another right, and I turned down an alleyway. What I didn’t see coming was the construction going on ahead. I looked around the surrounding area, searching for a way around this mess. That’s when I saw a ramp and figured it was my best chance at getting to the target before he vanished, revving the engine, I sped up, hopped onto the ramp as fast as I could, and once I got to the end of the ramp, I lifted my bike slightly and rode off, flying over the construction site. I was about to land when I realized I wasn’t going to stick the landing. I looked around me, scanning for anything to grab onto, and leaped off my bike blindly. I grasped a hook from a pulley and swung my legs, making the pulley move, and jumped once again when I was in the clear. I tumbled to the ground, and my bike went flying into the street, crashing. I walked out into the street, limping from the fall, and saw the target speeding down the road. I ran up towards the target, ignoring the pain in my leg, shot his front wheel, and grabbed his wrist, pulling him off the bike before he crashed. I pinned him against a neighboring wall, drew my handcuffs, and restrained the target. I texted sheriff Jones the address, and in a matter of minutes, the police were all over us. One of the officers took the target away as I stood in the middle, watching.

“Nice work Isabella,” Sheriff Jones said. I turned around to face him and smiled smugly.

“Thanks, Jones.” He rolled his eyes at me, and I began to walk away, but before I did, I told him one last thing.

“Oh, and I’m going to need a new bike.” I saw his face fall, and I smiled sweetly. I have previously crashed eight bikes and two cars on my missions. So he really shouldn’t be surprised anymore. He caught up to me, walking beside me as I approached an unoccupied vehicle.

“You have already crashed eight bikes. You need to be more careful! I can’t continue to cover for you.” He scolded while I just rolled my eyes at him. He has been like a father to me ever since we met. He took me in when I was young and needed someone.

“Oh, come on, you know you wouldn’t be able to close as many cases as we do now without me,” I haughtily remarked as he sighed and shook his head.

“I hate you sometimes.”

“But you love me more,” I replied with a smirk and got into the car, driving off to the police station.

I walked over to my desk when I heard someone call out my name. I turned around and saw the shaggy, blonde-haired guy approaching with a smile.

“Hey, Kevin.”

“Hey, I heard about your mission,” he stated with a knowing look.

“What exactly did you hear?” I questioned as he remained silent, just smiling widely, until I gave in, telling him about the crashed bike. He sighed.

“What are we going to do with you? The boss has got to stop spoiling you.” He said, trying to keep a straight face but failing.

“Spoiling me? Oh come on,” I replied with a fake pout, making him laugh.

“Agent Randolph, the sheriff needs you.” A deep voice says, interrupting Kevin and I’s conversation. I turned around and nodded at the police officer, acknowledging that I heard him.

“I guess duty calls,” Kevin commented. I turned back to him and smiled reassuringly at him.

“Doesn’t it always,” I stated, then walked off towards the sheriff’s office.

“Mr. Jones, you needed me?” I asked as I opened his office door.

“Yes. I have a new assignment for you.” He stated solemnly.

“Yes! What’s the assignment?” I asked excitedly. I love my job. Missions, secrets, guns, chase’s, there is just so much to do. I’m so grateful Sheriff Jones found me that night. I don’t know what I would have done without him.

“Your going undercover and keeping an eye on the leader of The Blood Gang,”


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