Recluse Protection

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Chapter 2

As I wash the grime from my body, I’m entranced as the dirt and blood swirls around before it swirls down the drain. The animals all fed, milked, and turned out I’m more than ready to eat my breakfast. Warm water rinses the suds from my body, I step out and dry off. I change into a pair of panties and drag a clean pair of jeans up my legs. The dark blue jeans get paired with a run-of-the-mill tank top. The arm holes were adjusted long ago. I use the towel in my hand to dry my hair as I make my way down the stairs.

The open floor plan leads me into the kitchen/dining room easily; hardwood floors, paired with plain beige walls and your typical farmhouse decor. Light grey cabinets with the butcher block countertop and the large farmhouse sink. As I pass the fridge, I grab the milk for a cup of coffee; a necessity for the day. I start the coffeepot and hunt for breakfast. It doesn’t take long before I opt for simplicity, bacon, eggs and toast. Pulling out my cast-iron skillet, I cook the bacon. As that sizzles away, the aroma fills the air. I slice the loaf of bread I made a few days prior and slather a coat of butter to toast it in the pan.

The farm provides everything I need besides cleaning products. I can make everything I need to survive, thankfully. Going through the motions I look over the calendar seeing what needs to be done today, what plants need to be watered, checked, even planted. Today is probably a day where I’m wasting most of my time in the garden. With luck, Rubble will wake up soon and let me get what I need to get done. The only ones I have ever talked to were the major crew; Bear, Rubble, Kado, Forger, Patriot, Shovelhead, Cueball, and Gears.

The long list of ranked members helped me. Bear, the President of Archangels MC, saved me from terrible men who did horrific things. Rubble, the Vice-President of the MC, was the one I get in contact with when I needed things. Kado, the SGT at Arms helped set up defenses and taught me ways to defend myself after years of training. He helped me grow a backbone with a cold facade. Gears, the Road Captain taught me how to fix anything with an engine, defenses and military tactics.

Shovelhead, the club’s Secretary, gave me ways to keep my records straight and not need to worry about anything coming to bite me in the ass. Then we have Cueball, the Treasurer who helps me straighten my finances. Patriot, the Enforcer helped me learn more intense defenses, tactics, and hunting methods. Then we have Forger, the Chaplain of the club when I was first rescued, I was in an awful place. Forger helped ease me in a way I never thought possible; he made things make sense to an extent.

These men helped and prepared me in more ways than one. They helped me learn how to survive on my own without the outside world. I’ve learned traits that have helped them complete their mission in saving men and women, in need of a fresh start. After the men risk their lives to pull out these men and women, they are sent to me, to get a new identity. Forger sends communications to them, helping them the way he did me. I give them a new identity, a plane ticket. And send them on their way with contact numbers that should only be used in life or death situations.

I use a fork to flip the bacon in the pan and it spits grease vehemently; its aroma teases my nostrils. I’ve always been a fan of bacon; it comes as no surprise the scent entices me. The floorboards creak upstairs, the freshly brewed coffee has disturbed Rubble. The man is a fiend for coffee whenever he smells it he has to have a cup. Water pelts the tile in the bathroom, shower is in order first. I continue to make breakfast, going through the motions. The bacon is ready to be pulled off and I toast the bread, ready to make the eggs. I’m forced to break out a second set of plates, cutlery, and mugs for the day.

Mountain greenery distracts me for a moment as I sip at my coffee; I remove the toast and start the eggs. I’m sure Rubble will put a rush on his shower and haul his ass down here in a few short minutes. He is impatient on a good day, after last night? All bets are off, someone will have set a fire under him. It’s his typical pattern, whenever he’s been sentenced to make a trip out here, it’s always snappy. Right as I finish the eggs, floorboards emit their usual groan as the hefty man makes his way to the kitchen; straight to the coffeepot. “Smells good. What’s for food?”

“Bacon, eggs, and toast, nothing fancy.” My response is kept terse as I collect my food and sit down to eat my breakfast.

“So when are you going to let me hit the road?” Rubble quirks up, his anticipation mounts exorbitantly. I take a bite from my eggs. With a raised eyebrow, I offer him a blank stare. Rubble grabs his plate and sits down with his coffee.

“After I check your stitching, then I’ll hand the keys over. Eat.” A gulp of warm coffee really sets the pace for this morning. With a goal in mind, I attempt to finish my breakfast in silence.

“Do you ever just eat cereal for breakfast?” After another bite of food, I look up at him and chew before I answer.

“No, I don’t buy it at the grocery store. I eat what I grow, hunt or find. The store isn’t for food, I don’t need to waste my money on that.” Besides processed food fucks with my stomach, I’d rather not deal with that. The cramps that come with it are a nightmare.

“So this place really provides for everything you need then, huh?”

“Yeah, from the meat, dairy, to the veggies and fruit.” He nods and looks at the plate in front of him.

“What about the coffee?”

“I met a man a few years after setting up, he only comes into town every now and again. So we made a deal. He gives me coffee beans and I’ll provide fresh cuts of meat.” I shrug, a lot of my life is trading the things I make.

“That’s why the coffee here always tastes better.”

“They’re always fresh from Ethiopia, I only use the best.” He chuckles and goes back to eating. I finish up, grab my last piece of bacon from the plate and stand, turning the sink on. As I rinse off the plate my eyes wander to the breathtaking scenery; my mind wanders in another direction. I finish washing it and set it back in the dish rack before I fill up my mug one last time.

“You’ll need to hook me up next time he is in town.” I shrug, he bites into his breakfast. I’ll have to change the bandages; I pull the first aid kit from under the sink. Then I can send him on his way.

“What happened to Gears?” I break down and ask Rubble. I was close to Gears, he taught me a lot. He became a mentor, hell a brother. Rubble stands, setting his plate in the sink, his eyes focused out the window as he sips his coffee.

“He got cornered, the meeting Bear set up was a fucking trap. The fuckers brought in a sister chapter and pinned him down. Before anyone could assist shit went down in our laps.” He shakes his head; thinking about how the meeting blew up in their face.

“Why didn’t you guys have back up waiting?” Rubble drains the rest of his cup and sets it in the sink shaking his head; his expression says it all.

“It’s club business. Gears wanted you to have something.” He turns and pulls his shirt over his head. I work at peeling off the bandage, applying a topical cream. I cover it with a fresh gauze pad and secure it with tape.

“Should I be worried?” I throw away my garbage and head for the sink. This time taking care of his dishes. I look back at Rubble as I dry my hands. He pulls out a set of keys, a pair of gears hangs from them.

“I’m sure you’ll hear from Shovel in the next few days. Gears wanted you to have everything he owned. He was closest to you, he adored you. You were probably the thing that kept him going every day, especially after his sister.” My throat tightens as a sudden round of emotions slam into my chest.

“I didn’t think I mattered much to him.” I whisper as I grab the set of keys, shocked that Gears would do such a thing. The weight of the keys is astounding; I stroke over the gears with my thumb.

“Hellion, you meant the world to him, hell he had a picture of you and him working on something behind the one he kept of his sister in his wallet. You gave him something to keep looking out for.”

“Where is he going to be buried? I want to visit him.” My voice is tight and scratchy, my eyes burn with the want to cry.

“He’ll be cremated. He wanted his remains and his sisters spread together. I think he has tasked you with it.” I nod slowly, still entranced by the metal keys, I’m still shocked that he wants me to do the honors. “Shovel will stop by after we hold our own ceremony. I need to get back to the MC. I’m sure Bear is waiting for me.” I nod and lift my head to focus on him.

“You’re set to go, I’ll get the keys.” My fingers grasp Gear’s keys. I step away and into the office, sitting at the desk I set the keys down with care. Pulling out my keys, I unlock the desk drawer and pull out the keys for their truck. I set Gear’s keys in the drawer after I grabbed the others and locked it. “Alright come on let’s get you on the road.” We leave the house using the basement exit and head for the machine barn; prepared for him to leave me in silence.

“I wish I could stay longer, I’m sure shit is getting out of hand back at base.” Mutely nodding I shove the door open, it creaks its familiar greeting.

“I get it. Besides, I got shit to do.” With a shrug, I turn the lights on, waiting for them to warm up and brighten. As I glance around, I’m greeted by the old tractors, ATV’s, bikes, and other machinery use for the farm. The truck sits in the middle, taking up a lot more space than it probably should.

“You got quite the collection.” I nod silently, looking around the messy workshop. Tools and shit laid out, I need to pick up some.

“Shoot me a message when someone’s coming out. Otherwise, I can’t promise that I won’t pull a weapon on someone.” He chuckles as he swings the door open and nods.

“Yeah, I’ve seen you aiming down sights, you’re a dead shot.” I give him a smirk, aware of the times he’s talking about. Once I started learning how to handle weapons, it became an obsession; to handle any weapon with deadly accuracy. Hell, it might have just been because I was bored and looking for a viable distraction.

“It keeps me alive, so I can’t complain.” I might not always make the first shot, but I sure as hell will make the last shot. Rubble gets in the truck and rolls the window down, drawing me in.

“It was good to see ya Hellion, I’ll give the guys an update. Stay safe.”

“You too, stay safe, make sure the others aren’t trying to catch lead. Don’t make me hunt them down.” He chuckles and nods, driving away, leaving me to my own thoughts and silence.

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