Recluse Protection

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Chapter 4

“I need to know the operations; who the hell takes care of the identities?” These are my father’s most respected men, they’ve all been with the club since the beginning; since it started. My knuckles turn white as I grip the arms of my chair; I’m slowly losing my shit.

“There’s more to it than just that.” Kado answers as he lounges against the wall, arms folded across his chest; he surveys the room, everyone nods.

“Dad’s dead, I’m the fucking President now. So you either link up or take your goddamn cuts off.” I stand and the chair knocks over with a loud clatter; the room is cloaked in silence. Forger looks at me before he limps his way over to the table. He relies heavily on his cane, a motorcycle accident nearly killed the man; deformed him for life. Even after multiple surgeries, the man still limps around; hip injuries are a bitch.

“Cobra, my boy, you know we already linked up with you the second we learned of Bear’s death. We trust and respect you. Your Dad kept this a secret from you for many reasons.” Forger heaves out a sigh and eases himself down into the chair. The rest of the men fall into their own chairs. Tiny, the new Road Captain settles to my left; it’s hard not seeing Gear’s blank face staring.

“Well, it’s time I’m filled in, I need to know what the hell is going.” I pull the chair back up and drop into it. It’s been three weeks since Gears died, three weeks since my father Bear died. Operations haven’t stopped coming in; it’s not likely that they ever will. I had to take over a lot sooner than I had planned. As I looked over the paperwork, I kept seeing one thing, victims sent off to Mikael’s place. Then a date with a new identity written beside it. Never the identity, I’ve never heard of Mikael’s place.

“Years ago, when Welder was still President. Your father was sent on a mission.” Forger answers, looking at me even as he leans back in his chair. An ungodly creak emits, it’s nostalgic, almost. The years I’ve spent sitting in on meetings with the ranks just to learn what the operations were.

“A group of men had the reputation of buying young women for who knows what. It always ended with their suffering. Abuse; physical, emotional, mental, sexual. You name it; these men are monsters to keep it simple. Bear went in on the op and saw some shit that lived with him until the end, I reckon.” Patriot takes over for Forger, shakes his head in thought, maybe relieving the op.

“What happened?”

“Gears and him went in alone they saw a young girl chained with her arms up and legs apart. She had burns all over her body; she was an example for the new girls. Kado and I got called in to help clean the house.” Patriot answers, he clears his throat as he stares at the table; a hard look rests on his features.

“An example?” I cross my arms over my chest and arch a brow; that’s supposed to mean what?

“They liked how she looked, how she acted, who the hell knows why they kept her longer than the rest.” Kado cuts in with a shrug; the man isn’t fond of sharing many words. He’s more of the quiet, brooding type.

“She was abused by her parents, then sold for their next hits. Her life wasn’t one to be envious of, that’s for sure. Your father went to Welder and said he had to help this girl out. Mikael’s place is what everyone has dubbed it. When she first went there, the guys took turns on vacation, to help her heal, learn, help her get better. Now she runs that place alone and a hell of a lot better than we ever did.” Rubble answers, shaking his head as he sighs, looking back at Forger for him to take over once more.

“That girl was just barely sixteen and already beaten down by the world. Mikael’s place was a safe place to heal, to get better. She started learning from everyone learning who she was, what she could do, then she wanted to give back. By this time your father was President, she told him she wanted a chance to help the operations here make it easier. So she started creating identities, giving the people we save a second chance of their own.” Forger looks down at his lap with a slight smile.

“She became quite the character if you know her, hell even if you don’t. She’s a bad little mama who knows her way around any weapon, she knows how to fight, how to fix shit, she knows it all. Casey started creating identities and networks for survivors; she wanted to give back. We don’t know the process of how she does it, we just know that these identities are solid as a rock. She doesn’t let us in on the procedure just that it starts, when the identity is created and the day they are settled.” Rubble turns to me, pushing his hair back with his hand.

“Why did Dad keep this from me then?” I lean back in the chair, my eyes scan the group; I don’t understand why he would keep this from me.

“Because he knew you. That girl has a pretty face, a spirit like no other, he knows your type the second you saw her you’d want to take a ride with her. He couldn’t allow that; she was in a shit place when we found her. Now she’s settled, but that doesn’t mean she’s healed. Back then you were young and didn’t have your head on straight. She was fragile. Anything you might’ve done would have just sent her in the worst direction possible. Casey became a daughter, a sister, hell she became family to us. We didn’t want something to happen.” Rubble concedes, it makes me raise an eyebrow, sure I have a type I didn’t know it was that obvious.

“Cobra, we love her, and wanted to look out for her. It’s nothing against you, more so for her protection.” Forger answers looking at me; the man is constantly trying to ease tied up emotions. I pinch the bridge of my nose; this is a headache. I need to meet her at this point there isn’t anything that’ll stop me, now.

“Well, I need to meet her, so someone is going to take me there, or a shit storm is about to rain down on all of your asses.” I glance over the group and receive a few nods, others just offer a bored stare.

“I’ll take you, it’s better if you have a friendly face escorting you in. I can’t promise she won’t pull a gun on ya.” Patriot gives a grin as he looks back at Forger. “Remember that time she was digging lead out of my ass after she put it there?”

Forger chuckles and makes the guys laugh just thinking about her. “Yeah, that was interesting she had you hollering just cause you startled her. Your lucky her aim wasn’t true back then. I’ll come with y’all, I think the news we have is going to deliver an extra blow.” They nod slowly, with a shake of my head. I stand up; let’s get this show on the road.

“Alright, well Patriot, Tiny, and Forger mount up.” The three men in question stand following orders. “Kado solidify the operation for tomorrow night; I want it clean and quick. The rest of you find something else to do till I call in.” Rubble stands and looks at me, waiting for my attention.

“Cobra, I want to ride out to see her, we have some things that will need to be talked about. Questions I’m not sure you can answer.” I nod in answer; they know more about her than I do.

“That’s fine, mount up we have to get rolling now. I want to get there in daylight.” As I leave our Church Chapel, I see my mother standing with her arms crossed and glare planted firmly on her face. What now?

“Cobra, what did you guys talk about in there?” I take a deep breath; she’s sticking her nose in places she has no business.

“Mom, you know I can’t talk about it.” She places her hands on her hips, turning the glare on me.

“You’re my son, my husband was in that room before, so yes, you can talk about it with me!” She raises her voice and I sigh; this has been an ongoing argument with her as of late.

“That’s not how it works. It’s a matter with the club, it doesn’t concern you. I have to get going; I’ll call later tonight.” With that I turn, heading straight for the door I listen to her scream of frustration. I love my mother, but she does like to push buttons all the fucking time. The bar door swings open and closed, my shade’s fall over my eyes as I look around. I see the selected four sitting on their bikes waiting for me. “Let’s get rolling; how long is the ride?” I strap my helmet on and start my bike, listening as Rubble hollers over the engines.

“Two hour drive.” With a nod, we roll out, wind blasting past us as we head for Mikael’s place. I’m pretty intrigued with this Casey woman; excited to meet her, that’s for sure. The longer we drive, the more interested I become; from what I’ve heard of Casey, it’ll be something interesting. Rubble pulls off to the side of the road, the empty road looking like it’s seen better days.

“If I don’t give her a heads up, we might catch some lead; she doesn’t miss.” Rubble mentions making me raise an eyebrow and wave a hand. I’d rather not catch some more lead. With a nod, he shoves his phone back in his pocket with a nod. “She knows; she read the message anyway. We are twenty minutes out, shouldn’t be that much of a hike now.” Rubble leads the rest of the way, turning off onto a dirt path heading towards Mikael’s place I guess. Thick trees line either side before opening up into a large clear space.

A house, and two other structures from what I see, stand out, they hold an air of importance somehow; shutting off our bikes we dismount pulling my helmet off I’m left looking around in awe. “It always surprises me how much that girl can get done by herself.” Forger makes me look over at him as he hobbles his way to the stairs, knocking on the front door, waiting.

“She’s rarely ever inside; she should be close though.” Rubble turns around, looking everywhere, placing his hands on his hips as he sends out a whistle.

“She might just take your head off for that one Rubble.” Patriot cuts off Rubble, making me look at him and chuckle. From what I’ve heard, it wouldn’t surprise me any.

“Whistle at me again and I’m castrating you with your own dick.” A voice speaks from behind us; the soft feminine voice sends a shiver down my back even as I stiffen. How the hell did she sneak up on us? I’m shocked with what I see; this isn’t something that I was expecting. She stands around 5’5” with long black hair, brown eyes, and a full figure. With a complexion to rival a perfectly made cup of joe. What stops me the most is she is coated in blood. Not something I was expecting.

“You always were on the violent side, Hellion; where the hell did you come from?” She raises an eyebrow; the axe she holds rests on her shoulder as she looks back at him.

“Doesn’t matter, why are y’all here?” She looks over the group, nodding to everyone and pausing me, her eyes narrow on me. “Who the hell is this?” I’m guessing this is Casey.

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