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The Mafia and the cop

The Mafia leader and the cop


Ashlyn is a cop who is after Lewis Andrew the most feared mafia who she thinks. involved in boom blast. What happens when the cross each other's path?


Lewis Andrews the son of Luke Andrews the most famous mafia in New York who takes over after his parent’s murder and wants to take revenge from his uncle and big brother Ethan Andrew for his parent’s death.

Ashlyn Grey is the Daughter of Arles Grey the police officer who had been handling the most famous mafia Luke Andrew before getting murdered. She was a simple sweet, kind, loving, caring and wonderful girl who has a dream to become a heart specialist but all her dream shattered into pieces when her father died in the same way Lewis parents died in the bomb blast and her mother suicide due to going into the depression of his husband died. Now she is a cop and seeking revenge from Lewis because she thinks that he is the cause of her parent’s death.

What will happen when they cross the path of each other? Will they able to take their revenge and live in peace or kill each other in their misunderstanding?

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