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My stalker

My stalker


It’s the story of how Alex stalk Isabella his love and how he makes her fall in love.


Alexander off Alex Williams is a Werewolf which is the strongest pack in the whole World is killed by Werewolf hunters. One day while walking in the road, he bumped into a beautiful girl Isabella Collins who is his mate and instantly falls in love with her and her caring and loving behavior. The day he meets her his demon has marked or Imprinted her as his. So he started staking her and kidnapped her one day.

Isabella Collins is a normal person who works as a receptionist in Salmon industries bumped into Collen and stalked by him but she didn’t know about it Collen decided to kidnapped her. She didn’t know the person who she bumped into is a vampire and she is his mate.

What happens when Collen kidnapped her? Will she fall in love with him or Will she try to run away from him.

Other details

It contains maturer content.

It is a single stand-alone book.

I will start this book when I am done with my all-important book series.

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