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The cold heart vampire and the slave


Its a love story of heart cold vampire and the slave about how they meet and become one but will they manage to face the troubled world throws at them?


Vampires, Werewolf, and Demon rules while humans are at the bottom.....Logan the cold heart vampire prince meets the slave girl that he can’t control himself every-time he is around her......but will his heart melt for once?

Other Details

1. It’s not just a book but it is a whole series of a book.

2. It’s chronological order are:

(a)The cold heart vampire and the slave.

(b)My Human Mate.

(c) My twins mate

(d)My Guardian.

This is a stand-alone book.

All four of them are.

All three books are for Mature people contain Mature content.

This book has a total of 80 chapters.

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