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The world-famous singer Aditi Chauhan goes to school changing her identity and fall in love with one of his fan but will her past let them be happy?


Aditi Chauhan was the famous singer all over the world who goes with the name ‘BLOSSOM ANGLE’. After her fresh break up with her boyfriend, she decided to go to a famous school River high to have a fresh start with a new identity, where she met one of her fans Rahul Sharma and fall in love with him.

Rahul Sharma is the normal school going popular student and a big fan of the blossom angle. When she entered the school he didn’t know her secret but when he knows her secret he can’t help but fall in more love with her.

They were so happy together after he found out her secret and promise her to keep it to himself. But suddenly her past, her ex-boyfriend come and interfere in their relationship. Will they have their happy ending or will her past destroy their relationship?

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It contains maturer content.

Not part of any series.

It’s a single stand-alone book.

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