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My Indian Mate


The Indians are known for their spicy food and strict traditions like sex before marriage is considered a sin, girls are not allowed to wear revealing clothes, etc. What happens when a werewolf is mated with an Indian girl who belongs from an Orthodox family.


Adam Grey becomes Beta of Cresent moon pack when his brother Aston takes over the pack as an Alpha of the pack. He goes to India for an Alpha’s meeting with his brother Aston and sister in law Chloe, where he bumps to Aradhna Sharma, a normal teenager who belongs from an orthodox family. Will he able to win the heart of his in-laws and get his mate or will he lose her forever?

Other details:

This book is the sequence of my little mate, and one of the books of little mate series.

It’s a stand-alone book but reading my little mate and my abused mate is before reading it, is recommended.

There are a total of 5 books in my little mate series.

The chronological order of this book is as follows:

1. My little mate.

2. My abused mate.

3. My Indian mate.

4. My mate is a vampire.

5. The Hybrid mate

This book is about Cole grey and Nikki Walker’s son Adam Grey and Aradhna Sharma.

Thank you.

I hope you liked and enjoyed my book.

I will start updating the chapter of this book when I complete the first two books.

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