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My mate is a Vampire


Have you ever wonder how is it possible for the werewolf to have a vampire as a mate. This story is fully based on this question.


Eric Martin is the son of Ryan Mertin the king of vampires. When he was 6 years old he had felt his mate when she was in the womb of her mother. He was already attached to her when she comes into this world. She was non-other than Maddy Grey, the daughter of Cole Grey and Nikki Walkers. But is it possible for a werewolf and a vampire to be mates? What happens when their parent’s past comes to haunt them? Will he able to protect her from all the dangers that they have to face in this world? Will the vampires accept Maddy as their queen.

Other details:

Guys, I have read many hybrid stories and whenever I read it, I always wonder is it possible to have a vampire as a mate for a werewolf and decided to write a story to answer that question.

So I dedicate this book to this question.

This book is the sequence of my little mate, and one of the books of little mate series.

It’s a stand-alone book but reading my little mate and my abused mate is before reading it, is recommended.

There are a total of 5 books in my little mate series.

The chronological order of this book is as follows:

1. My little mate.

2. My abused mate.

3. My Indian mate.

4. My mate is a vampire.

5. The Hybrid mate

This book is about Cole grey and Nikki Walker’s daughter Maddy Grey

Thank you.

I hope you liked and enjoyed my book.

I will update the chapter of this book when my previous book of this series is over.

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