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Lords of Mafia


Have you thought, what happens when you enter the virtual world? How would it like to enter one of the action games and experience it as one of the real characters of the game? To feel every emotion, wounds, and living a life of that character.


Lena and Ethan we childhood friends working in the most famous digital company in New York. After 10 years of hard work at their game project, they finally get the fruit of their hard work, they finally made the game Virtual game. It’s the game where you are actually inside the game and enchasing the virtual city.

Follow them on their journey and experience the world differently from the real world.

Other Detail:

It is a stand-alone book.

Contain mature content.

Important note: I am going to write the virtual world and the real-world to indicate what was happening at the same time and so that you can differentiate between both the world and don’t get confused with it. So please don’t get irritated with me or it.

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