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Bride for sale


“You got to be kidding me, this can’t be true,” he said aloud.

“What’s wrong, teme? Did he leave you companies instead of one?”

“No, it’s not funny dobe. He wants me to form a family within 6 months or my older brother will be the CEO.”

“What? Really?”

“Yeah… There are 2 options: or my dad was ane when he was writing his testament or I am drunk and can’t read anymore. Please let it be the second option.”

It is a sequence of Accidental Pregnancy.

According to the testament of Nate Nara needs to find a wife within 6 months if he wants to be the CEO of Nara enterprises. There is just one problem: Noha Nara doesn’t believe in love. What will he do to have a fortune of his father? What will happen when he meets certain someone? Will that certain someone able to change his mind?

Other details

1) There is a whole series of accidental Pregnancy. It has a total of 5 books in the series.

2) It’s chronological no are as follow:

A) Pregnancy

B) The beauty trap of an agent.

c)His clumsy little angle and

d) Bride for sale.

e) Her secret admirer

I hope you enjoy the story.

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