Football Assassin

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Alex is a girl who has been through hell and her husband Liam, brothers Sam and Devon help her over come it but will she be the same girl they knew

Action / Romance
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chapter 1

Alex P.O.V

13 years ago…

I was sitting in my room admiring my crush Liam my brother best friend, I see him passing the football to his other friends and it looks fun. I normally join because I love soccer but I was stuck doing homework.

“Alex, my love could you go to the store with your brothers and get some chocolate chips, please,” my mom calls. She has beautiful red hair like me but I have my dad’s bright blue eyes and my mum has green.

“Okay mum,” I said and grab my brothers.

I’m the youngest out of three, Sam is 10 and Devon is 8 like Liam all of them love soccer. Sam hair dad’s dark brown hair and mum’s green eyes but Devon the opposite with blond hair from my mum’s dad and dad’s blue hair. Liam is different he has raven black hair and grey eyes and I’m in love with them.

“Sam or Devon could you come with me to get mum’s chocolate chips to please,” I asked politely. My brother’s nod and Liam tags along, as we’re going to the next street we see a van coming closer and closer. Sam pulls me closer to him, Devon and Liam don’t notice the big man coming.

“Devon and Liam lookout,” I screamed. They are knocked out cold as they move closer to Sam and me.

“Run,” Sam shouts.

I don’t think twice but I’m covered with a cloth and I see darkness.

Sam P.O.V

I wake up to see only Devon knocked by the men who took my baby sister, Liam sits crying and punching the tree. I knew he loved my sister and she loved him too but they were shy to admit.

I carry Devon with blood on my head. Liam follows me home to tell my parents someone took out sister.

I see Dad coming running towards us, I cry so does Liam and Devon.

“Where’s your sister Sam,” he asks worriedly.

“They took her dad some took her and knocked us out,” I cry uncontrollably.

He looks at us and cry’s too and Mum coming towards us and Dad tells her she collapses to the ground crying and Liam too.

We will find you Alex, and I won’t stop.

10 years later

Alex P.O.V

I’ve been an assassin for 10 years and today I escape and go home. I remove the tracker and pack my gun in case I change my plan. Since I been I’ve been trapped here I figured I would be able to take out the assassin academy by blowing it up and I made a bomb to get rid of all the bad people and free the 36 girls here.

I check my watch 3:24 am it goes off 6 minutes I backflip into a building making sure all the girl has escaped.

“Okay girl today we have won and we are going back to our families and never coming back I have proven evidence of their crime here and the police will hear about it, thank for being my sisters it would have ever been a success without you,” I thank them.

We all disappear and I find out I’ve been in Russia for 10 years in that hell hole. I take a flight to Texas where I was born.

Landing I call a cab and make my way home, I see the lights on meaning its 7:00 pm and I spot my family outside talking. So I slowly approach them, then Liam notices first.

“Alex is that you,” He says cautiously looking at me then everyone take a look so do my brothers.

“Mum and Dad,” I say crying. My mum comes running into my arms holding me and my dad too.

“Sam, Devon, Liam come here,” I say happily. They all come group hugging me and I see another cute baby girl walking towards me.

“Mum who is this sweetie,” I ask happy to have a sister.

“Alexa this is your older sister Alex and Alex this is Alexa,” she says happy and I grab her hugging her.

Once finished I get in the house and see my six old self everywhere, I call all of them in dad and mum’s bedroom to tell them the kidnapped.

“So where were you we looked for you everywhere,” said Dad cautiously.

“Mum could you put Alexa to bed because she can’t hear when I tell everyone,” I say sadly.

“Everyone take a seat but be opened minded okay,” I say. They all nod.

“When Devon, Sam and Liam took a walk to get the chocolate chips they were knocked out and I was kidnapped. It turns out the people who took me where taking genius girls to be trained killers for the Russian government. Therefore, I was in Russia all this time, I met a lot of girl 36 to be exact we finish school at 12 and college at 16 but I finished a lot faster and they took measures to keep me for escaping by drugging me everyday” I say showing my arm scars.

Mum gasps crying and the boys look murderous.

“The girls and I with help of a staff made a plan to break out so all 36 girls have escaped today and are returning home. I’m not going to say I have not killed because they made all of us do it but I hacked it the system and got the proof but I do know that in future I have someone coming not only for me but everyone else which puts all of us in danger. I missed you guys every day and I knew you guys knew I was kidnapped but some of the others girls were labelled dead in their countries and I’m happy you never gave up,” I finished up.

“So these people what happen to them,” Liam asked.

“Well I kind of made a bomb to destroyed the academy, but they might be survivors and if they are being in danger,” I said stuck in thought.

“How did you make the bomb,” Devon asks excitedly and I laugh at his childless behavior.

“How about no,” Mum says scolding at us.

“But Mum,” We say at the same time. We look at each other and nod. I toss a pillow and we pillow fight.

We laugh and joke for the longest time and I go to my room. It was still the same I walk into my bathroom sob quietly. I hear my bedroom shut and see Liam grinning.

I wipe my eyes and look at him in his 18-year-old self and how handsome he is, I walk up to him and hug him tight and he does it back.

“Do you how much I’ve missed you A?” he says rubbing my back.

I pull away and look at him and kiss him softly then it becomes rough and needy. I pull away, smiling he winks at me blushing.

“So how long I’ve been waiting to kiss you?” he asks. I shake my head no

“10 long years and you’re the only girl to kiss these lip, did you know that,” he says happily. I look surprised and kiss him again and longer.

“And you’re the only guy who has kissed me twice,” I say breathlessly. Then we kiss and make out for 30 minutes exploring each other’s mouth.

“I’m virgin, and I want to wait until I’m ready is that okay,” I ask him.

“Yes, and I’m virgin to princess I’ve been waiting for you and longer I would wait just for you,” He says sincerely.

We make our self to my bed to then fall asleep in each other embraces.

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