Vengeful Love

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He was the Mafia boss. Evil, cold and dangerous but too attractive for his own good. She was the gorgeous and seemingly innocent daughter of his rival gang. Is there any scope for love to bloom or is it just a game betrayal and lies.

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Hey girl, come on! Please! For me just this once!?"

Celeste pleaded with a puppy face. If it would have been anyone else it would have worked but with Amreen...... not so much.

Amreen looked at her with a bored expression then again returned to practicing again. She was a national level field hockey player and was practicing for the international try outs.

"Amreen please! Come on it's a Saturday night! Come with me as my date." Celeste started whining as she was clinging onto Amreen's arm. She took away the hockey stick from Amreen's hands and gingerly kept it in the case.

Amreen let out an exasperated sigh and nodded. "Fine, I'll go with you" Celeste squealed "but not as your date. Unlike a certain someone over here I am totally straight."

Celeste made a fake sad face. " You're no fun." She mumbled. Amreen chuckled lightly and shook her head at best friends childish behaviour.

She quickly went and took a shower. After that she changed into the dress that Celeste brought for her. It was a tight, body hugging maroon coloured dress, stopping mid thigh complementing her amazing body paired with nude pumps. Her long brown hair left in loose waves. Celeste did Amreen's makeup adding some mascara, some gold eyeshadow and maroon lipstick. Making her green eyes sparkle.

Celeste was wearing a silver dress hugging all the right places with silver high heels. Her shoulder length blond hair left in loose curls. She did a nude makeup just adding some light pink colour to her lips. Her hazel eyes sparkling with excitement as they both got into Amreen's midnight black limited edition Bugatti Veyron.

As they drove Celeste played songs on full volume. Both oh them scream singing along with the songs. They finally reached their destination. The midnight club. It was the largest clubs in the country.

Amreen parked her car and they both got off and went inside after waiting in the VIP line for 10 minutes. Both of them first went to bar and got some drinks. Celeste got some fancy cocktail and Amreen got a beer. After finishing her drink Celeste began to sway to the song playing. She turned to Amreen and said excitedly "It's our jam! Come on girl let's go dance!" She pulled Amreen on the dance floor and they both started dancing and swaying their hips to the music.

Suddenly a pair of hands wrapped around Amreen's waist from behind. She turned around to see a devilishly attractive man looking down at her with lust evident in his eyes. She gave him a smirk and started to grind herself on him.

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