Vengeful Love

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Chapter 2

20 minutes earlier.

There was a man seated in the corner, drinking a glass of Jack Daniels. Suddenly his phone rang. He sighed and picked it up.

“Yes, father. I've been waiting here for like 40 minutes now.”

He listened patiently then replied. “Celeste should be here with this Amreen you're talking about. I know what to do. Rest assured.”

With this he turned off his phone and went back to drinking. During this time he was thinking about Amreen.

“Amreen” He smoothly said her name, slightly pressing on the r. ‘Very unique’ he thought. “I wonder how she looks like?” He thought out loud.

Another man came and stood in front of him. “Hey, Hunt.”


“Hunt?” he waved his hand in front of the other man's face.

Still no reply.

“Hunter?!” He shook his shoulder.

“Huh? What happened?” Hunter asked his best friend and right hand, Marcelo.

Marcelo replied “Celeste is here. There is also a girl with her, who I guess is Amreen. And let me tell you she is damn hot.” Hunter stood up and followed Marcelo.

As he walked towards the bar he saw Celeste looking pretty in a silver dress, but the girl beside her was just breathtaking. She had the perfect figure, not too slim, not too curvy. She had slightly tanned skin and a pair long, beautiful legs. She was looking stunning in a maroon dress, stopping mid thigh and clinging tightly onto her body. ‘If this is Amreen...... I'm so, so lucky.’ Hunter thought to himself.

Celeste and Amreen finished their drinks and Celeste started to move towards the dance floor pulling Amreen along with her. They both started dancing. Swaying their hips to the music. Hunter stood there staring at Amreen.

After a few minutes he slowly made his way to the dance floor. Many ladies started to touch him to get his attention but Hunter was solely focused on Amreen. Finally as he came to stand behind her. He slowly wrapped his arms around her waist and started to dance with her. Amreen turned her head to look at him. She gave him a smirk. Hunter hissed as she started to grind herself against him.

Hunter ran his hands all over her body while placing wet, open mouth kisses all over her neck. He nibbled then sucked on her skin, making her moan out in pleasure. She turned in his arms, facing him, and kissed him hard. His hands grabbed her butt and squeezed, she gasped, he took advantage of this and pushed his tongue in her mouth. They both moaned into each others mouths. As soon as they parted for air Amreen started kissing Hunter's jaw. She nibbled on his ear lobe then licked it to sooth the mild sting. She started to descend down his neck while her hands explored his body. She could feel his muscles under the black v neck t shirt he wore. As her hands went lower, on his abdomen he took in a shaky breath and leaned down next to her ear and whispered “Let me buy you a drink.” Amreen nodded and they made their way to the bar.

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