Vengeful Love

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Chapter 3

They finally made their way out of the hustle bustle of the dance floor and sat at the counter. "What can I get you, bella?" Hunter asked.

"I'll just have a beer. Thank you." Amreen answered with a smile.

Hunter turned to the bartender "I'll have a beer and and a whiskey. Gracias." He then turned to Amreen and took her hand in his. "What is your name bella, if I may ask?" He asked while kissing her knuckles. He had to go through all the formalities of asking everything about her, even though he knew all of it.

" name is Amreen. Tell me yours." She said with an innocent smile.

"I am Hunter" he replied "but you can call me babe." He added with a wink. Amreen just shook her head with an amused look on her face.

They talked about themselves a bit and chatted on random topics while drinking.

They were having fun flirting and cracking lame jokes then laughing like it was the funniest thing in the universe.

"Hey, I know what you are thinking and you are totally wrong."

Hunter said as he shook his head with a sincere look. Amreen just looked at him, amused and nodded.

"Oh really?"

"Yes. You do have chance with me."

Hunter said trying to maintain his innocent and sincere but then failed and they started laughing again.


Sitting here beside her.


Cracking jokes.

It just felt so normal, so right. It was like an instant connection.

No no wait, I am on a mission and I have to lure her in. I have to if I want my rightful position. yes, that is right. I just have to lure this stupid girl in, that is all.

I looked up from from my drink and see Celeste making her way towards us. I know Celeste because of my sister, Layla. She and Celeste are good friends. When we were younger Celeste used to come to our place to play with Layla but as they grew up they started meeting outside. I asked Layla to help me invite Celeste and Amreen over to the club.

Celeste came and hugged Amreen, hiding her face in Amreen's neck as she started to sniffle. I saw Amreen stiffen and look down at her friend with confusion and worry tainting her beautiful face. She then whispered something in Celeste's ear then turned to me and smiled.

"Excuse me for a moment."

She said and stood up with Celeste still hugging her. She hugged Celeste back and again whispered something to her. Celeste looked up at Amreen and nodded then returned to hiding her face.

Amreen turned to me with a strained smile and said.

"It was nice meeting you but now I must go. I had a great time. bye."

I just nodded and looked at her as she turned and strode out of the club with Celeste wrapped around her. As they left I was consumed with another emotion. An emotion that I have never felt before.


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