Through the Blood and Mud

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Brothers in Arms

As the sounds of mortars and artillery thundered through the smoke stained sky, I sat in the trench as other soldiers passed by to their own assignments given to them. I was writing a letter to my mother, for I had no one else to write to. No girl waiting for me at home, no siblings, and my father is shoemaker who is making boots for both the army and the public. So my mother was the only one receiving my letters. I then heard yelling, someone calling for help. It sounded like it was coming from No Man’s Land. I looked across as it also caught the attention of other soldiers. There was a man in a sap trench wounded. But they didn’t send anyone to help him, for it was going to be a risk of losing men.

So I then put my letter in my pocket, leaving my rifle leaning against the side of the trench. I could hear my commanding officer yelling for me to come back, however I did not listen. I ran in the middle of No Mans Land, as I sprinted across the blood stained mud. Trying my best to move my way around the barbed wire, but some got caught on my coat, tearing through the fabric and cutting my skin. I ignored it and continued to run into the sap trench. I then said,

“Hey, don’t worry. I’m gonna get you out of here.” I then proceeded to lift him up, and I saw that he had a bullet wound in his leg. So I helped him up wrapping my arms around his shoulders. But then the sound of a mortar went off in the distance, then as soon as I heard it, an explosion went off a couple of meters away from me. I then carried him as quickly as I could to the trench as artillery from the mortars went off beside and behind me. I then had to try to work my way around the barbed wire without accidently pushing him in the barbed wire. The mortar then hit the barbed wire next to me, sending barbed wire and mud flying through the air.

My ears rang as my mind raced a million thoughts. The trench only being a few feet away from me, I threw the man into the trench first. I then threw myself into the muddy trench without thinking. I then was picked up by the collar of my uniform by my Commanding Officer yelling,

“The hells wrong with you!” I didn’t say anything. But then man I saved then said in a Scottish accent,

“Ay leave the lad alone, he did the right thing. Unlike you ya fockin lavvy hieded wankstain.” The officer then replied in an offensive tone,

“How dare you, I will have you court marshalled.” The Scottsman then said,

“Aye ya cant do shite, You aren’t my Commanding Officer, and I’m part of the Scottish Army, and ya twats left me in the fockin’ sap trench. If anyone, you will get court Marshalled for leaving one of the best men of the Royal Scots.” The officer then looked in shock as he apologized and ordered that me and the Scotsman be taken to the infirmary.

As we walked out of the tent we then was jetzt

“Aye lad, what’s your name?” He asked. I then responded.

“My name is Arthur, Arthur Gregory, and yours?”

“My name is Fergus. Pleasure to be meeting ya.” He said. I then realized that my Battalion was transferring to another spot. So we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I am just glad something positive and blossom even in the ruins of war.

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