Through the Blood and Mud

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a Battles toll

As the Great War wages on, so do its battles. Me and my battalion alongside hundreds more to come, are being sent to Verdun to try and take it from the German forces. We marched forward, I dreaded the thought of what horrors and violence awaited me in Verdun. Giant mechanical monstrosities growled as they moved alongside us. We wore these masks in which made us look human no more. We then saw the ruins of a town that laid upon the horizon, smoke rose as the sounds of explosions and gunshots thundered through the earth.
My heart sank, my stomach was twisted into knots, and sweat dripped from my brow. We then were ordered to charge into the city and clear it out, and kill any German we see. Charging into the city, we were then being shot with by German soldiers, snipers, and mortars. Almost instantly, half of the soldiers in front of me fell to the ground. Our tanks then rolled ahead of us, not being effected by the bullets. Their cannons shook the earth as the artillery coming from the tanks collided with the earth. I made my way to the main road of the town.
I found cover behind a destroyed building, a couple bullets ricochet of the wall I hid behind. a couple more men joined me. I then looked down my sights and fired my rifle at one of the German troopers. As he fell though, more started to fire at my position. I quickly concealed myself behind the wall as I cocked my rifle, as the empty bullet shell came out and another was loaded into the barrel, a piece of the wall came flying off as another bullet hit it. I told the other soldiers to cover me as I was trying to get closer so I can get a better shot. As they started to fire their weapons at the Germans, I sprinted as fast as I could behind a wall. I then grabbed a grenade from my belt, I then pulled the grenade and chucked it over the wall.
I then could hear the sound of the grenade going off alongside with German soldiers yelling. As I was about to aim down my sights to shoot another German, a German trooper grabbed my rifle and pulled it to the side. He then pushed me against the wall, while he pulled out his side Lugar. I quickly grabbed his gun and punched him in the face. We then tumbled to the ground, I punched him in the face two times before he pushed me off and hit me with his gun. I fell backwards as he aimed his gun at me, but before he could pull the trigger I kicked the gun upwards as he pulled the trigger. I quickly pulled out my trench knife and stuck in in his neck, he then started to bleed. I paused for a second to take in what I have just done. My mind raced a million thoughts.
Oh god, what am I becoming? What would Mom say? What is this war doing to me?
I then heard all our troops cheering, I stood up grabbing my rifle. We had taken the town, the battle was over.
But the war raged on.
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