Through the Blood and Mud

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Trench to Trench

Barbed wire tore away at my flesh, smoke bit at my lungs like snakes, the sounds of a thousand souls screaming in agony like a chorus of chaos. Mechanical monsters spread fire and destruction from home to home.

I woke up in sweat, panting. I then saw a rat laying on my chest, I instantly smacked it off and watched it scurry off. I sighed out of frustration and grabbed my rifle and equipment. As I walked out the room into the trench, tons of other soldiers walked by. First thing I did was I walked to the food tent to get something to eat. I waited in line, as other soldiers left with food I got hungrier and hungrier. As I walked up, they gave me a tin of spam and some moldy cracker. At that point I didn't care, I hadn't eaten and I was desperate. So I opened the In and used the old spoon I had and started to eat it, the crackers didn't taste bad but they were stale.

Once I was done, I sent a letter to my mother to inform her of the goings of the war. But after that, I was informed that me and my platoon were being transferred to another trench to help on another assault. We marched to a giant vehicle that we sat in the back of. We sat next to and across from each other, I was one of the last soldiers to get on so I was right on the end. Once we were all seated the vehicle drove forward. The vehicle rocked and bounced on the bumpy road. I looked out the end as some of the other soldiers chatted with each other. Asking about each other, women who were waiting for them at home, pets, kids, however all I had was my mother. The vehicle then spun off the road and crashed. I fell out the back alongside some other soldiers, we rolled onto the hard dirt road as the other men crashed with the car.

As I got up and regained myself, I heard gunshots and I ducked down and looked around myself to see that German soldiers enclosed around the vehicle shooting at my battalion. I quickly got up and ran to the vehicle, for there was nowhere else for cover and that was my best option. I sprinted as far as I could, I then realized that some men survived, two riflemen and a machine gunner, all huddled behind the vehicle. Once I made it to the vehicle I quickly ducked behind it. My mind raced as the deafening sound of gunshots filled the air. I then scanned the area, and saw that there were a whole platoon of Germans consisting of what I thought to be around twenty soldiers. I then lifted up my rifle, looked down the sights, and fired my rifle hitting a one of the troopers. But instantly countered by bullets hitting the fallen vehicle. Then the machine gunner then laid his gun on the vehicle and started shooting long round bursts. The two other riflemen started to help, one of them chucking grenades at the incoming forces.

After what seemed to be an eternity of shooting our rifles, it was silent. Birds playing their tune and the wind blowing against the grass were the only sounds that could be heard. We lowered our rifles and looked around. Sweat dripped from my brow, the smell of smoke filled the air, bullet shells riddled the ground, the silence was deafening.

"We should continue moving forward." I said breaking the silence. The others nodded in agreement. We then began to tread the same road we were previously travelling. However While we were walking, a German hiding in the bushes shoots one of the riflemen. As the rifleman fell to the ground, he had enough time to run up with his bayonet fixed upon his rifle and stab the machine gunner right through his stomach, blood staining the dirt. I was frozen out of shock. The other rifleman aimed his rifle at the German, but his rifle wasn't cocked. The trooper saw this and quickly dropped his rifle and took out a knife. He ran up while the rifleman tried to cock his gun, and shoved the knife deep in his neck. But while it was happening I cocked by rifle and aimed it at him and pulled the trigger.

The thundering boom of my rifle echoed through the grey sky. The German's body thudded against the ground. My mind raced and I breathed heavily as I looked upon the death that riddled the dirt around me. I then grabbed the bullets and ammo off the two riflemen out of guilt and disparity. I looked upon the horizon at the endless road ahead of me. I sighed and tread the path ahead of me.

The sun slowly fell beneath the horizon. I tread upon a bloodstained path. With no option of peace.

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