The Sins

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There are seven of them, seven siblings each possession an unique Arua of influence: Wrath, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Lust, and Pride that each hold something unique about them. They are human, but are immortal. None know how it came to be, none knew how to change it. They are just there, seven of them. Each are not dangerous, or harmful to each other, but dangerous to the world. Can seven siblings that can never see eye to eye unite to fight a battle of the better of two evils...

Action / Fantasy
Essie S. Nix
Age Rating:

I -Gali-

Mortality is a thing all animals conscious or unconscious should take for granted. One day you are miraculously born and next you could die every second. You should live your life like each moment matters, because behind mortal means danger lurking around each corner.

Death will always be there; you can never escape him. Nor can you outrun, hide from or outlive the devil that will come for you. One day he will wrap you in his arms and take you. Death is feared. All intelligent beings experience this intuition. Even those who don’t possess keen intelligence, hold a primary instinct that tells them when the end is close.

Only mankind holds the hope of a place beyond. Some call this place Heaven, others call this, a mythical dream. Most hope to regain redemption by God’s favor and escape the crimes you have committed in the past. They have demonstrated this belief in redemption throughout multiple times in Monotheism and Polytheism. These religions believe in a single or multiple powerful individuals, called deities, or Gods. While humans had hardly ever met their god(s), there have been several times that an angel, generally known as a messenger of god, will speak and offer a guiding hand to humanity…

“Useless,” Gali cried bitterly as she listlessly flung the withered old paperback against the already abandoned wall, some small flakes of paint chipped off at the contact. “Obviously this book’s Philosopher, Shendrhomt,” she said, eying the faded ink, “doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Gods aren’t the only ones that aren’t phased by mortality. Hell, we’ve lived so long, and have never run into a messenger of the gods.”

Styrr glanced up from his lounged position on the ruptured bean-bag. His long, tangled hair spread out over the ruined cover, seeming to blend in with the different hues of bleak greys. It parted in an arrangement of loose tangles, snarling over each strand, appearing as cobwebs. The bean-bag itself had lost all color and built-in support ages ago. It was bow tarnished with a large mustard stain that, after some time, turned the color of an old split pickle.

His eyes quickly took in Gali’s frustrated posture. The darkened brow of her’s was furrowed, displaying her discernment as she unintentionally used one of her top teeth to bite into her bottom lip, drawing blood. Her canines were constantly sharper than an average human, as one tiny bite could instantly pierce her lower flesh, bringing crimson drops to the surface. She seems surprised, her alluring golden amber eyes looking down at the red dripping down from her chin, before rolling her eyes and wiping the blood off with the back of her hand.

“Couldn’t find it again?” Styrr asked, his eyes going back to the previous text of hieroglyphics he was reading on scarcely held together parchment. He received his answer with another ire filled thud. “Why do I have to do this again?” Styrr asked drowsily.

Some time since he had first glanced away from her, his head had found its way down to rest on the parchment he was previously so careful not to destroy.

With a distracted sigh, Gali gave him the same words as before. “We’re looking for information, and you’re the best at recalling how to read the ancient texts” she answered, nudging him with her foot. That only responded Styrr gave her a sleepy groan before he shifted away from her in his sleep. When that didn’t arouse him from his slump Gali picked up the closest object next to her. A big thick book of Latin verbs and threw it at his head. Styrr woke with a start.

“Come on, Slumber Boy, time to go,” Gali called over her shoulder, already making her way to the broken window they had first emerged through.

“I’m not a boy, I’m over a Millennia old,” grumbled Styrr, as he followed his youngest sister, out of the ransacked building. “And it’s not bad to slumber, I was only doing what my nature is,” argued the still drowsy, millennia old teen, his Grey web hair tailing behind him, like a slow crawl on the ocean floor. It looked as if they, too, wanted to rest.

A snort escaped her, “Your nature is being Useless? I must have in the past been mistaken, I previously thought you portrayed it with sloth action.”

A sly grin even crept onto the teen’s lips, “Okay if I’m useless, you are…”

She rolled her eyes at the childish display of persistence before smiling to herself.

“Your masterful leader,” she answered.

He shook his head.“That’s not how it works! Let’s try again, If I’m useless you are…”

“Your ideal younger sister,” Gali answered, her voice softer and coy.

Gali laughed as he let out a frustrated growl before answering once again. Right when she was readying her reply, in another calculating, brazen way, that had something to do with why she was his favorite sibling, something caught her attention.

It was a newspaper that she was stepping on. Previously it was a blanket for a homeless man with a beard, but soon it encased the man in her Aura. He sat upright, his wariness forgotten. All he could think about was the hunger.


That’s what her Aura did to normal mortals. They were always missing something in their lives, and her Aura, the power that made her stand out from the rest, was the fact that her Aura would dig deep, and search for each person’s hole that missed something, not caring what it was. Sex, love, passion, anger, hate, whiskey, or ambtion. And make them crave it. They would never be satisfied until that unyielding hunger, or rather themselves, crazy with the need, killed them.

That was her: the Aura of Gluttony.

Gali saw it in effect now, as two love sick strangers were in her impact radius. She was not sure if they were an actual couple or two strangers that were walking the same street, but now thanks to her, ‘skills’ in effect, they were intensely making out, and dry humping against the wall while it appeared to be a bloody display of passion. As their love bites turned to moans and a more gory side of things as they tore pieces of each-other’s flesh off to eat. They swallowed some, one missing a piece of their cheek another spitting out a large bite of arm muscle. Their moans turned heated and became something else, screams of brutality and excitement combined into something truly beautiful for its horribleness.

The homeless man may have broken into a store of restraint to gain access to food. Some of the worst cases Gali had seen was locking themselves into a meat freezer to shave off the raw red meat themselves or putting their hands in boiling oil to gain quicker access to food.

You could say Styrr’s drawn the lucky stick, his Aura being Sloth. It had more power, and was quick, painless and less messy. Or at least they had assumed it was that way.

When things entered his Aura, they would drop dead like flies. Even flies themselves. Laziness would overcome them and now want to do anything, including breathing. Then they would just die on the spot.

Yet the deaths they caused from just breathing, did not register with her or any of her siblings any more. Time made them adapt. It was like a glare of the light, it would appear and take a moment for your eyes to adjust but then it passes, and everything’s once again as it was.

Gali didn’t believe in fate, they tied fate to a pathway laid out by God, and, since she nor her sibling have encountered any other immortals such as vampires, zombies, and angels, they have deemed themselves as not existing.

She had originally tied the word coincidence with the word fate, and so forth never believed in it.

However, the clue she had been searching months for, one one to any present trace off her other unknown siblings, was now in front of her on a piece of paper, torn, and, and the ink disappearing, disappearing, letters merging and words fading.

It was lifted up in the winds, traveling perhaps many blocks before it got stuck under her boot. The travel of the journey did not leave an impact on how it got used as a blanket and now used to and now used to once again read... What was important was the story printed in bold, and that itself was a coincidence, a huge one of that.

DISASTER! A CIVILIZATION IN ONE DAY WIPED OUT, A DESERT NOW IN ITS PLACE, IS THIS ANOTHER WARNING OF THE FUTURE AHEAD OF US? It transpired days ago, once a funny, loving town, now left no footprints on what took so many lives and memories in just short days…

Gali quickly scanned the rest of the article, not at all surprised when she read there was no sign or prediction of the disaster beforehand. The Journalist suggested the wipe out came from a sudden shift in a sandstorm, with powerful winds that barraged the town with sand. Or an unrecorded earthquake that destroyed all traces of civilization.

She knew without a doubt the writer was wrong. No human could in a sane mind guess what the true cause of the Disaster was.

Gali caught sight of Styrr’s long locks right before they trembled down her and he leaned over to catch an eye of the words of the faded ink.

“Is it him?” his words spoke of the playfulness forsaken. “It looks like the Aura of Greed,” the Sin of Sloth commented. His words spoke for both of them. They both knew what the Aura of Greed accomplished. It absorbed everything in its path and sucked all the life and nutrition out of the land into only sand for the leftover remnants.

“Yes, it’s him, Greed,” Gali confirmed solemnly.

“I think he’s likely to go by Ghazi now?” Styrr mentioned in a side comment. Inadvertently breaking the cold tension with the humorous remark.

A snicker broke her calm composure, “Yes, Ghazi.”

“Let’s go find Ghazi,” she said, a new solidarity to her resolve.

“Where?” Styrr asked, glancing up the ink words, he couldn’t make out.

“It’s written here. Ife,” she said, pointing her finger at the name of the city now overrun in sand. “We’ll find Ghazi in Ife.”

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