The vampire and the werewolf

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Jeremy!! He shifts back barely breathing, choking, dyeing... I run toward him but a vampire beats me grabing him by the arm and dragging him out the door. Jeremy!!! Damon grabs me holding me back. Stephan chases the vampire that took Jeremy. I fight damon trying to get out of his grip. He's fifteen damon fifteen!! He can't die! I yell sobbing. Emily walks out of the house. Bonnie runs in. We are surounded I took out as many vampires as I could, she says. What happened? Jeremy, I whisper sobbing. Bonnie runs out of the house chasing them. Lexi shifts back and runs to me. Hey Stephan will find him ok, she says. I nod my head. I start to feel realy weak and colaspe. She's lost to much blood, I hear Lexi say. Why isn't she healing I healed, damon asks.

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Chapter 1

Damon's p.o.v

I lay down in the road waiting for someone to come along so I can eat. I haven't had blood in days and can't wait for someone to stop. But just as I find a place to pretend to be injured I spot her. Catherine? N no I'm im elena. She says. Well Elena you shouldn't be alone at night. I'm waiting for my friend Stephan Salvatore to pick me up. Stephan salvatore? I ask. Yes do you know him? He is my brother, I tell her. Elena I want you to forget I was here no one needs to now I'm in town yet, I finish compelling her and then I zoom away seeing the headlights of my brothers car.

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