The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 10

Stephan p.o.v

We head home and go to bed. I won't let elena out of my sight I love her there was never anything between us. We do love each other but not the romantic kind of love. I can never let my self feel like that because I knew that it would never work because I was a vampire andshe was a human.

But she isn't human and she now has my horrible brother for a mate.

Stephan stephan, she say quietly.


Have you found your mate?

Yes I answer, but damon killed her

Oh, I'm so sorry stephan, she apologizes.

Its okay it was almost 200 years ago.

Get some sleep, I tell her.

Soon she is fast asleep but I won't sleep I will watch over her all night I won't let damon harm her. Anyway vampires don't need sleep and I would never let myself fall asleep while she is in danger.

As the sun rises I see a shadow jump through the window of my bedroom and i get up as quickly as possible using my vampire speed.

Uggh, I cry as damon shoves his hand into my chest and to my heart.

A single move and your dead brother.

What do you want damon I barly mange to say.

I came here for what is mine, he smirks.

Stephan! Elena cries.

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