The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 11

Elena p.o.v


Wait, faith cries a fox can sence magic.

Ok what does sencing magic have to do with any of this?

I think damon is under a spell of black-

magic, tala cries before faith can answer.

Shift into your fox, says faith.

Ok I'll try, I say as I focus on my fox.

Ok my little mate come to me on the count of five or Stephan dies, damon says smirking. Elena run, Stephan whispers.

But I'm only halfway though shifting when damon rips stefans heart out.

Nooo!! Stephan!!

Faith takes over and finishes the shift.

I can sense magic in you, she says. Your a witch! A tribrid!

I can do a spell to destroy the black magic that has taken over damon. Vas mottoss threema,she chants as she completes the spell.

Damon falls as the spell starts to realise the black magic from his body. Then faith lets me back in control. I run over to Stephan crying. Just then Damon wakes up and sees me crying

Stephan!! Please wake up please I cant live without you please. Just then damon wakes up.

Mate?! Why are you crying,he askes.

You did this Damon you killed Stephan!! I cried

Stephan, he says as I move to let him see Stephan's dead body laying on the floor.

No no no no this can't be happening Stephan no you can't be dead no please Stefan wake up, he cries.

What do you mean!! Damon your the one who killed him!!

What I would never kill my own brother! He says shocked.

You can show people images because you are a witch, tala says.

I show him everything that happened since I woke up.

What no I would never kill my brother, he cries. Why did he have to dye I only had seventeen years with him, damon says very upset.

Whats the last memory you have with stefan? I ask him.

Umm it was when we first turned that night I fell asleso and the only other time I woke up was when I first saw you and thats all I remember, he says thinking hard.

No, I say. I don't know much about magic only what my friend Bonnie told me she is also a witch, but I do know that there is a black magic spell where you can take over someone's body and they won't wake up until the black magic used in the spell is removed by another witch.

That's what happened to you.

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