The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 12

Stephans p.o.v

Ok little mate come to me or Stephan dies, damon says smirking.

Elena run, I barely manage to say.

Then she starts shifting.

No dont, I try to say but nothing comes out.

Then I feel him start to pull. And then its over.

No i can't be dead! I have to protect elena how am I suppose to do that dead?!!

I see Elena s fox start to take over and do a spell. Wait she's a witch?

I see damon drop and then her fox lets elena back in control and she runs over to my body crying.

Turn around and block her out I can't see her like this how am I here rarely anyone gets to stay on earth as a spirit they usually

move on when they die.

At least I can whatch over elena now.

Wait the neclace I gave her it allows us to talk to each other whenever even if I am dead.

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