The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 13

Elena p.o.v

Elena elena, I hear stephans voice call.

Stephan?! How can I hear you?.

The necklace I allows us to talk to each other, Stephan answers.

Im going to bring you back, I say determined.

You can't it will kill you, Stephan says clearly not wanting to leave me forever.

Stephan im unkillible plus I can hear how bad you want to be alive again.

Elena you cant chance it, and whats the point of me being alive if your not here?

Stephan im doing it and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

But I can get damon to stop you, Stephan says.

And how are you suppose to do that, I ask.

Oh you now that neckace I gave you well my and Damon's daylight rings do the same, he say smirking.

I turn to run but damon is way more experienced than me. But I always keep a stash of vervain on me incase I run into a vampire problem.

I inject damon with the vervain, and then try to run but I start to pass out. But I have time to call Bonnie and ask her to bring Stephan back before I do.

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