The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 14

Stephan p.o.v

I watch as damon grabs elena and then drops. What is happening? Then I see Elena call someone and then she drops.

Elena elena!I try to shake her but spirits can't touch living things.

Then Bonnie arives, she is the most powerful witch I know. One time she made elena's brother Jeremy come back to life.

She sees elena on the ground and runs over to her.

Bonnie can you hear me?

Stephan? Where are you? She asks.

Bonnie.......... I'm dead.

What! How? She asks.

Look over where damon is.

He ripped your heart out?! She asks looking at my dead body. How can I talk to you?

I don't know but that doesn't matter what matters is you make sure elena is ok.

Is it possible that elena has a mate? She askes me.

Yes. Damon is her mate. I tell her as I explained what happened. Then they just dropped.

She walks over to damon and does a spell.

Damon was injected with vervain. I can do a spell to remove it though abd then they will be fine.she says as she does the spell.

I see elena wake then I run to her.

Elena are you ok?

I'm fine but I'm guessing that I passed out because the mate bond when I injected damon with vervain. Nevermind. She says. Lets bring you back now Stephan.

Elena it could kill you if you tried.

Stephan with the information you told me. Elena is basicly unkillible. You an snapp her neck,drain her of blood. She' like a vampire but driving a stake through her heart won't work on her. She is unkillible she can't die so no stephan it wont kill her but it might me.bonnie says.

Bonnie yoir not doing it if there is a chance you will dye.

Thats why she not doing it. I am. elena says.

I turn to see Elena helping damon off the floor and apologizing to him

Just please don't do that again vervain hurts.damon says excepting elena's apology.

I agree it does hurt.

Wait it hurt you? Damon askes confused.

Yea because of the mate bond every thing one of us feels the other feels to. But now we have to focus on bringing Stephan back. Elena says.

Wait it might kill you if you do it. Damon says pulling Elena away from my body.

Damon calm down it will kill me but I'll come back to life. Elena explains to damon.

No, damon says fiercely the vains on his eyes starting to show up.

(It happens when a vampire is about to feed or is getting over protective or jealous about there mate its like when a werewilf growls)

I won't take that chance.

Too bad you dont have a choice. Elena says sternly.

And why is that. Damon askes.

Because I'm going to stop you. She says then chants a spell.

Why can't I move??!! Damon shouts.

Elena at least let me help you. Bonnie asks pleading.

Ok help me by making sure my spell on damon does not were off until Im dead

Ok. Bonnie says. I'm sorry damon but this has to be done its the only way.

N no please Bonnie please I cant let her die please Bonnie. Damon begs his eyes watering.

Elena- but she takes the necklace off before I can finish. No now I can't talk to her.

She starts a chant and then every thing is black.

I sit up gasping for air. I'm alive again?!

I see damon on the floor passed out and bonnie grabbing her things. Then I look down. Elena!!

She'll be fine stephan I promise. But I have to go the spell with damon took a lot of every. I have to be careful with the amount of magic I use. Oh and damon he'll be fine to bye stephan,bonnie said walking out the door.

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