The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 15

Damons pov

I see Elena do the spell and I feel every once of pain from her, its unbearable no vampire has ever felt this kind of pain its impossible to feel this kind of pain could elena realy be in that much pain?

Ahhhh. , I shout in pain. I'm dying. The amount of magic she's using is killing both of us.

Elena stop, I try to say but I'm to weak to say a word.

Elena y your killing me, I tell her in mind link.

Then every thing is black.

I open my eyes were am I? Elena? Are you here?

Yes damon. I'm so sorry, elena cries.

For what?

I killed you, elena cries. When I did I the spell to bring stephan back I used all my magic but then since yiur my mate I guess it drained the magic out of you killing you and me. I'll come back to life but you won't.

I place my hand on her shoulder. Hey don't cry. It's okay.

Don't say that damon because its not okay I killed my own mate! Elena shouts.

It was an acedent elena. I deserve this. I desserve to dye. Ive killed lots of people just to feed on them instead of using a bloodbag. Its fine I love you elena but its time you just forget about me.

No damon it wasn't you who killed all those people it was whoever was controlling you with black magic and I won't forget you your my mate and I love you. Elena says.

Goodbye elena its time you go back to the land of the living.

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