The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 16

Elena p.o.v

Good bye elena its time for you to go back to the land of the living. Damon says full of regret and love.

I love you damon.

I sit up gasping for air. I'm back im alive again. But damon isn't.

I look around and see stephan tuning toward me then I see damon and I run to his lifeless body. This is my doing its all my fault. I'm sorry damon I'll bring you back I promise. Then I feel all the pain damon was going through when he died.

Ahhh please I'm sorry I'm so sorry please make it stop.

The pain its unbearable. I can't believe I put him through this. Then I feel the life slowly drain out of him.

I see Stephan beside me.

Stephan make it stop please.

Hey what wrong,stephan asks.

It hurts Stephan. It hurts realy bad.

Ok come here I'll give you my blood it will heal you, Stephan says.

I see Stephan bite his wrist.

Stephan vampire blood only heals humans and witches plus I'm a werewolf it would kill you if I drank from your wrist.

We can give it a try ill grab a cup, Stephan says and the bite mark heals itself.

He grabs a cup and a knife.

The pain slowly takes over as I close my eyes.

Elena please elena wake up, I hear a voice.

I open my eyes and I'm laying on a bed.


No its me Stephan.

I sit up and look over at stephan.

What happened?

You passed out from pain, Stephan says. Here drink this.

Where's damon?

I put him on his bed in his bedroom.stephan tells me calmly.

I killed him Stephan I killed damon.

Shh don't cry its okay. It was a acedent, stephan says trying to calm me.

Y you don't hate me?

No of course not! Stephan says shocked.

You should hate me I killed my mate that is your brother. You should hate me.

Hey its okay I bet damon didn't hate you so why should I? Stephan asks

No stephan! Its not okay! Damon should hate me. I killed my own mate! Stephan I don't want to be on this earth anymore without him!

Hey don't say that you can have bonnie help you bring him back. I know how it feels to lose your mate the pain afterwards. I won't let that happen to you we'll bring him back, Stephan says a tear rolling down his face.

Ok lets go.

I get off the bed then collapse.

Are you sure we should be doing this in the condition your in? Stephan asks while picking me up.

Stephan my wolf and fox won't talk to me. Since I'm wolf and fox the mate lost is worst for me than any other super natral creature. I'm slowly dying. This is the one thing we know of that could kill me. If we don't do this soon I will die for real.

Ok lets hurry can you walk? He asks setting me down.

I try to hold myself up but I'm too weak and I fall. Luckily he catches me. Then uses his vamp speed to get me to damons room in a second and lays me on damons bed.

Stephan I need vampire blood, I tell him but it was just a whisper.

He's out of the room and back in a second with a knife and cup.

(Since vampires heal almost instantly he has to squeeze the knife to keep the cut open so it doesn't heal. Also vampire blood cures humans witches werewolfs)

He fills the cup up with his blood and I take it and drink it as fast as I can trying to block the taste out.

I feel myself get stronger and I stand up.

I'll call bonnie. Stephan says grabbing his phone.


Don't call bonnie.

What why? Stephan asks surprised.

She'll kill herself trying to bring damon back. I can do it my self.

What no you can't do it yourself! Stephan begs.

Stephan either let me do this my way or I can do a spell were you cant move, but that spell takes a lot of energy and it hurts me even more so you pick.

Ok but only if you use some of the magic that makes me a vampire. Stephan demands

Stephan that was how damon was killed I'm not chancing it.

He grabs the knife and the cup and fills the cup up again.

Here drink this you should be able to draw magic from my blood without hurting me.

I take it and gulp it down real quik. I walk over to the bed with damons lifeless body and start a spell that can bring back damon and stephans mate because of stephans blood.

When the spell is done I collapse all of my energy drained.

Elena! I hear a voice call elena!

I feel myself being picked up and setted on a bed. Someone touches my hand and I feel sparks ignite.

Damon is that you?

She's dying I hear a vouce that sounds like damons say.

I open my eyes and see damon with the cup and the knife. My eyes start to close again. I hear someone shout but I can't make out what he said.

I feel someone put a cup to my lips and force me to drink.

My eyes shoot open. Where am I?

Damon are you here?

Im right here elena, I hear someone say.

I turn around and see damon. Damon im sorry I'm sorry I put you through all that pain I understand if you hate me.

Elena how could I ever hate you? Damon says shocked.

I grasp him in a hug and start crying.

Hey don't cry its ok now.

I see stephan walk though the door. I wipe my eyes. I stand up and do a spell.

Is this real? Stephan asks me.

I nod. Stephan runs over to his mate that I brought back from thw dead. His mate Lexi turns toward me and damon then starts to shift.

Lexi don't! I hear stephan cry.

Fully shifted she runs toward us she pushes me out of the way and bites damon.


I do a spell to make her fly through the air.

I run to damon and help him up.

What was that for! Lexi yells as she shifts back.

What do you mean! I bring you back from the dead and then you give my mate that I also just raised from the dead a bite that will kill him.

Damon gets in bed waiting for the terible pain that is about to hit him. I also get in bed rubbing the spot on my neck that Lexi bit damon.

I mind link damon. Is this bite going to kill us?

I don't know, damon answers.

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