The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 17

One thing im happy elena doesn't know it that mates can read minds.

I look into her head. She is scared she doesnt want to die.

She doesn't deserve this. She just started her life. She doesnt deserve this pain.

Damon? She asks.


My wolf said that if you don't get healed the bite will kill both of us.

Stephan went to look for the cure with Lexi. We'll be ok. go to sleep now.

She turns around and goes to sleep but I can't what if they can't find the cure? Will elena be dead forever?

Stephan, I mind link hurry this will kill her for good I think if you don't find the cure and I die.

I won't let that happen, stephan says detirmined but worried.

I hear elena scream in pain as the bite I have starts to take action.


I love you damon, elena whispers.

I love you too elena and I'm sorry I got you into this mess

5 hours later

I call bonnie.

Bonnie get over here now!

Umm ok I'll be there in a second.she says.

I see bonnie walk into my bedroom.

What happend? She asks looking around the room.

Long story short I got bit by stephans dead werewolf mate that elena brought back to life. And now it's killing me and elena

Elena is unkillible though, bonnie says.

Thats not true if damon dies I will too if this werewolf bite kills him it will kill me if he dies of a stake to the heart I will slowly die. Elena explains.

Ok well what do you guys need? Bonnie asks.

Damon needs human blood. Elena tells her.

Bonnie freezes.

There are blood bags in the basement and your not human.

She unfreezes and runs to the basement.

Elena lays shaking beside me.

Hey calm down we'll make it through this.

Damon it hurts every where. She says with sadness and love in her voice.

I know but we'll be ok.

I turn around and hug her.

Bonnie run into the room with a bunch of blood bags.

Bonnie when the hullisination starts I want you to get out of here as fast as you can. And take this. I hand her my daylight ring. She nods and pulls up a chair.

I take one of the blood bags she brought and I pull off the top.

The veins under my eyes show as I drink the bloodwhen I finish my eyes go back to normal.

I turn around and cough up blood.

Go home the hullisination is starting. Elena says.

Are you sure, bonnie asks.

Go, I shout.

She runs out of the room.

I'm sorry elena this is my fault.

Damon I want you to Finnish the mate bond, elena tells me.

Since I'm a vampire all we have to do to Finnish the mate bond it I have to drink blood from her wrist.

She pulls up her sleeve and gives me her wrist.

I look at her my eyes asking if she's sure.

She nods.

I take her wrist my eyes start to change. I sink my fangs into her wrist and I drink. She flinches but soon shes moaning in delight.

I pulled away and start coughing up blood. Stupid werewolf bite ruining this perfect moment.

I turn around and look at my mate Catherine?

Hey damon look its me elena. The hullisination has started.

Elena, I cough grab the vervain darts.

She reaches for the vervain darts but screams out in pain before she reaches them.

I get get up to grab the darts but I drop because of the pain.

Elena helps me back onto the bed then grabs the darts.

Wait thise will just kill us faster put them away.

She sets them back on the table and then she lays down.

Damon she coughs I'm dying. Goodbye damon I love you.

No elena please dont go please.

I feel the life drain away from her through the mate bond then I feel a pang of lonlyness. Nothing matters any more. I don't care what happens. I hear elena's heart stop beating and then she is gone. And its all my fault.

I hear Stephan open the front door I watch him walk into my bed room to give me the cure but it was too late my eyes shut and my heart stops beating I'm dead.

I wake up with elena standing in front of me. I'm a ghost again.

Elena I'm so sorry ive failed you as your mate.

Damon its okay there was nothing you could have done to stop it. What we realy need to worry is about Stephan.

We turn around to see Stephan frozen in the door ways then he runs over to our dead bodies. He checks each to see if we have a heart beat then he sits on the bed and crys.

I'm sorry Stephan I failed both of you I make sure to whisper were elena can't hear.

I see Lexi walk in to the room and stand beside stephan and tries to comfort him but nothing works.

Stephan calls bonnie to see if she can help but she says she doesnt have the power to bring a super natral creaturee back to life only humans.

I watch as she hand Stephan my daylight ring and she puts elenas neckece on elens neck.

Me and elena stand there for several hours watching Lexi and bonnie try to help Stephan.

Wait bonnie says grabbing elena's wrist. They completed the mate bonding.

And you gave her your blood when she brought damon back to life right?

Yea so? Stephan says to upset to care.

Stephan vampire blood in your system when you die means...

She's transforming into a vampire, says Stephan shocked. What about damon though?

Since they completed the mating he should transform into a werewolf since he drank elena's blood which is part werewolf.

I walk over to elena and hug her but all of a sudden she disappears. I turn around to elena sitting up gasping for air on the bed.

Then every thing is black.

I sit up and I gasp for air. Im alive again?

I turn and look at elena and I give her a big hug.

I hear the front door being bust down and I get in front of elena and Stephan gets in front of Lexi.

Damon move the only way I can be killed is if your killed. Or if I don't complete the transition to vampire. Elena tells me.

Agh! I shout in pain as I feel my bones break in a few seconds im a solid black wolf.

Damon your wolf is beautiful. Elena says in aww.

She shifts into her wolf to help me shift back and Lexi and Stephan move in front of us.

I finally shift back then elena also shifts back.

What did your wolf say she asks.

I don't have a wolf. All of a sudden Lexi drops I put elena behind me. The Stephan drops and I see why they shot them with vervain and wolfsbane. I see them shoot at elena but I steped in front of her and got hit instead. Ugh. Then I drop.

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