The vampire and the werewolf

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Chapter 18

Elenas pov

I see Lexi then Stephan drop. Then some guy shoots something at me but damon steps in front of it then he drops to.

Damon! I drop to the ground where damon is and try to wake him.

What did you do to him?!!

Oh I just shot him with a vervain and wolfsbane.

What do you want?

I want you, the stranger says.

I turn to run but I feel a dart hit me in the back then another then two more. Argh.

I drop to my knees.

Hmm thats weird you should be out cold by now since your mate is.

He shoots me almost twenty more times and I collapse onto the floor. He comes over and kicks me in the side. I pretend to be knocked out. This guy easily falls for it.

I hear more people come in they pick us up and cary us into a truck.

They shoot me several more times with the dart gun and I go unconscious.

I wake up tied to a chair with stephan to my left and damon to my right Lexi is on stephans left.

Damon wakes up first then Lexi then Stephan. We all struggle to get lose of the chairs but they have been hybrid proofed and my magic won't work because of the witch hazel they injected me with.

A guy walks in.

Klaus, damon whispers

What do you want I boldly chalenge him.

Answers, he said smirking.

I'll never tell you anything.

Thats why they are here, klaus smirks.

He pulls out a gun and cocks it.

How did you make damon a hybrid, he asks.

How do you know that?

I have spies everywhere now answer the question! He demands.


I hear the gun go off and damon yell in pain.

Ahh! I scream as I feel damon's pain.

Damon I'm so sorry I mind linked him.

Its ok just don't say a word, says damon.

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